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3 Types of suits perfect for office wear

3 types of suits perfect for office wear. There is no doubt that suits continue to be a basic and elegant element to go to the office. However, many men make the mistake of using colors or styles of suits that do not match the occasion. That is why this time we will let you know what are the 3 types of suits that are perfect for going to the office.  When you have to go to work, you can’t make the mistake of wearing the first thing you see when you open your closet. Remember that your appearance will speak well or badly of you in this space where you spend a long time. Therefore, you can follow our tips so that you have the 3 ideal suits to go to the office, and even use on other occasions.


How should a man dress for the office?


1. Navy blue suit 


Tillman - office wearThe navy blue suit for men has definitely become a classic. If your closet does not have a wide variety of suits, having one in this shade will be very beneficial for you to attend the office.


Whenever our clients ask us what would be a basic men’s suit, the navy blue suit can not go unnoticed. Best of all, besides wearing it to the office with a good look, you can use it for christenings, weddings, and meetings where the dress code is formal. 


Likewise, by being a classic suit, it will always be a good option to not fail when creating a suitable outfit. In fact, a man’s suit in this color turns out to be very versatile so you can combine it easily regardless of the occasion. That is why, if you want your week to be solved, it is time to have a navy blue suit available.


If you ask us why the navy blue suit is the most ideal to attend the office, we can tell you that this color is usually one favorite for closing business. This is because blue is one color that conveys confidence and will make you look competent. 


2. Grey suit 


When you attend the office, you probably get bored wearing the same suit, and that is why apart from the dark blue suit, a grey suit will also be an excellent choice. Also, if you are one of those men who tire of routine, our best recommendation is to have a grey suit for an elegant look.


The grey suit is also among the classics and you can combine it with different colors of shirts to add a unique look. A grey suit will make you look like a very elegant man when you go to the office. Also, this color conveys naturalness and does not distract the interlocutor when talking about important business. 


Also, by being a cold color it evokes an analytical personality, especially if you are self-employed. Now, if you are used to working in a team, you can opt for another suit color since grey could increase detachment. 


3. Black suit 


Tillman - office wearWhen it comes to dressing for the office, a black suit will transmit authority and, above all, power. Besides this, when wearing a suit in this color you will look very elegant and despite being a dark color, you will also look very charismatic. 


The black suit is also a basic that you cannot miss when dressing to go to the office. Likewise, this suit color is the right one to go anywhere because it will never let you down. In fact, you can wear a suit of this color repeatedly and surely no one will notice that it is the same outfit. Just change the accessories, and that’s it. 


However, for hot days we do not recommend going to the office in a black suit, so it would be preferable to wear a lighter look. Otherwise, a black suit will get you out of trouble and it is even valid to use black pants combined with other colored jackets. 


There are other types of suits that will be ideal for going to the office


The suit colors we just mentioned are the main ones you should consider when going to an office. However, there are other colors and types of suits that you can use to vary your look: 


Tillman - office wearCheckered suit


When talking about suits that do not go out of fashion, we can not fail to mention this plaid model.


Of course, for each season, a checkered suit may have certain variations to create the ideal look. For example, it is likely that for one season it will be necessary to wear suits with sharp squares, while for another it will be enough to wear a suit with subtle squares.


This print can have variations, but the most important thing will be to have an excellent combination of colors to go to the office.


Khaki and white suit


Tillman - office wearAs they are such light colors, many men avoid an outfit in this shade because they get dirty quickly.


However, they are an excellent choice for going to the office, especially in the hot season. Likewise, a white jacket is undoubtedly a classic that you must have even if it does not attract attention, as well as a khaki suit.


Both colors turn out to be very light and that is why they bring freshness to the moment of wearing them.


For this reason, suits in these colors are also an excellent choice for a beach wedding or a daytime celebration. 


Choose the perfect suit for office wear


Tillman - office wearAlthough at the beginning of this post we said that we would show you 3 types of suits to go to the office, we also gave you two other options so that there are variations in your look. Now, if we had to choose between all of them a favorite suit to go to the office, we would definitely choose the blue one for the reasons we have already explained. 


However, having a black suit and the other colors mentioned above at home will be very useful to dress well when you go to work or on a special occasion. If you need to include in your closet a suit in any of these colors, just contact our team to work some magic

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