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A step-by-step guide on how to tie your tie

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How to tie your tie. It doesn’t matter how often you wear a tailored suit. The fact is that every man should know how to tie a tie. Especially those who have a preference for looking elegant and sophisticated when dressing. And it’s that making a tie knot isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s […]

Rules for the Proper Usage of Ties

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Rules for the Proper Usage of Ties. This time we decided to clear what are the rules every man that wears tailored made suits should know for wearing a tie as a compliment. In fact, this turns out to be one element that characterizes men’s and good fashion. This is why every man, besides having […]

5 ways to knot ties for beginners

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5 ways to knot ties for beginners. Make a quick note of this: a tie speaks volumes of a gentleman’s character. It’s a subliminal message of his personal care and his attention to detail. But, somehow it’s also proof of power. Don’t you want to learn how to channel your inner power?   When it […]