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Suits for tall men

Suits for tall men. In this post, I want to provide the best advice so that tall men can choose the ideal suit. We know that being several inches tall is often not very beneficial when dressing. That’s why the most logical thing is to choose outfits that help you highlight both style and elegance.


There is no doubt that suits are the key piece in any man’s wardrobe. After all, they have many types that can be adjusted to your build or height without much effort. However, for tall people, it’s often difficult to find the ideal suit. Because of this, I decided to provide the best tips from my years of experience tailoring suits.


Types of tailored suits


Suits have a history and have become relevant garments. This is because we can adjust it to a casual, semiformal, or formal occasion.


Thanks to its evolution, a great variety has appeared on the market to please everyone’s taste.


What are the types of basic suits for men?


  • Double button.
  • Mao neck.
  • Executive
  • Two or three buttons.
  • Morning coat.
  • Tuxedo

How to choose the ideal suit for the tall man?


Tillman - Suits for tall menNow, as you can see there are several types of suits. Each of them can be used by thin and heavy-set men, with different skin tones, tall and short. The key is to know how to use each of the aforementioned tailored modern men’s suits. In other words, you have to know which jacket, pants, shirt, and other accessories you should use without fail.


To help you, I will give you very interesting tips to take advantage of those extra inches of height. After this, you’ll look like a connoisseur yourself by wearing a tailored suit.


To start you should pay attention to your shoulders. In fact, this is one of the points to which you should pay more attention, especially if you’re a tall man. For example, your dress shirt must fall exactly at the junction between the shoulder bone and the clavicle. The same applies when you use a jacket. By not following this advice, your outfit won’t represent the elegance you want.


What benefits will you get? Once you start to give importance to this point, your body won’t ever look too wide. Instead, you will achieve a more stylized look. In the same way, if you don’t mark the shoulders correctly, your figure will simply be lost among the clothes and your look will never be aligned.


Ideal suits for men with high torsos and short legs


In general, taller men tend to have bodies larger than their legs. Therefore, when choosing a suit, the ideal is to look for a design that helps both parts. To do this, pay careful attention to these tips:


Tillman Style - How to wear Suits with vests for menJeans 

Being a tall man, but with a large torso and short legs, you must focus on balancing your figure. 


That’s why when choosing the pants for your suit, you must look for a slim cut.


This way, you’ll achieve the correct visual proportion between your body and legs.


Also, even if you increase the size of the trousers to be able to lengthen the legs, this trouser cut does not fall from the waist. As a result, this allows you to seem longer in that area. 



Similarly, if you’re a tall man with a long torso and short legs.


I will teach you how to get your correct body proportions.


So, for you to achieve this effect, you must put your dress shirt inside your pants correctly.


This way you can lengthen your legs.


Otherwise, you will immediately achieve the opposite effect.


Tillman - Suits for tall menCoat 

Like pants, it’s also mandatory that you choose a jacket that fits you.


Of course, when making your choice remember that the goal is to create a proportion between your body and legs without making mistakes.


Consequently, my best recommendation is that you select a jacket above the hips.


To visually shorten the torso and lengthen the legs.



Ideal suits for men with a short torso and long legs


Just as men with high torsos and short legs should follow some tips to wear a tailored suit, others have a short torso and short legs, and for them, I also have some tips that will be of great help:


  • You must lower the size of the pants to the hips. This way, your legs will look longer.
  • Slim or regular fit pants are ideal for this body type of body. This is because it will offer more space to your legs to make them longer.
  • When it comes to your jacket, it must go at the height of the hip. By doing this, your torso will look longer.
  • If you use a suit for a casual occasion, you can leave your shirt outside your pants. Now, if it is a formal occasion, you cannot forget to put your shirt in to add elegance.


Tall men can wear a flawless formal look


The tips that I just gave you are very useful. Now, you can look perfect with a tailored suit as a tall man. In fact, I want to give you other tips that will also help you a lot when creating a formal outfit:


  • Try not to wear a very baggy suit, or else your figure will get lost.
  • Some tall men make the mistake of wearing very short dress shirts. If this is your case, from now on you should try to use appropriate shirts for your size.
  • If you’re tall but with high hips, when putting on a suit never choose pants with a skinny cut.
  • As for the ties, fine ones are the best for tall and thin men.


Take advantage of your height to look good


Tillman - Suits for tall menAs you can see, I was right when I said that there are many kinds of modern suits.


Every man can use a suit no matter how tall he is, as long as he knows how to choose the ideal one and uses it correctly. Besides, it’s important to correctly use shirts and all the accessories necessary to create an elegant look.


The tailoring of a suit for a tall man, cannot be left to the inexperienced. Contact us to learn more about our workshop, as we have the necessary experience to make the suit that will accompany you in the most important moments so that you always look like a true gentleman.

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