Tillman Style - Suit colors to match every skin tone

Suit colors to match every skin tone

Suit colors to match every skin tone. We all have bought a suit that as soon as we use it, loses its charm. This may be due to many reasons. Maybe we don’t feel comfortable with it, or it doesn’t suit our skin tone. Because of this, many men prefer to play it safe and choose a basic color suit. However, if what you want is to stand out, you must know which color suits your skin tone.


Once you find this out, choosing the best-tailored suit for you will be a lot easier. Besides, your skin tone will stand out and make you look like the confident man you are.


If you want to know which suit colors flatter your skin tone, keep reading! Don’t forget to take note of the following tips:


Clothing colors according to a man’s skin tone


Believe it or not, picking out a tailored suit according to your skin tone is more important than you can imagine. That’s why, before moving on, I will talk about different color types. This way, you’ll be able to set them apart and choose them wisely.


First, we find cool or neutral colors. These are usually the ones present in every man’s wardrobe. After all, they’re very flattering as well as versatile. In this sense, you can easily match them with any other color. Within neutral colors, we can see white, beige, brown, navy blue, and black.


Next, we have the basic colors. As you can expect, being basics, they’re always in trend. They’re fun colors that you can easily use to put together different looks. Among them are Red, salmon, green, and orange.


Last but not least, complementary colors. They’re perfect to create that contrast that should exist between your suit’s color and skin tone. Some of these colors are turquoise, pink, green, and coral.


What colors go with male skin tones?


Most often than not, I get clients who want a tailored suit in a certain color. Many times, said color won’t flatter their skin tone. Here’s when my role as an expert tailor comes in. It’s my duty to offer the best advice to my clients, this includes telling them when they’re making the wrong choice. Only then will they be able to walk out of my store with the biggest smile on their faces.


Now, at first, you may find it hard to match different colors according to your skin tone. However, worry no more since I will show you how to easily pick the best color for you.


These are the tips that you should consider when purchasing a tailored suit according to your skin color:


The best suit’s colors for fair skin tones

Tillman Style - Suit colors that match every skin tone

When it comes to fair skin men, dark-colored suits are usually the best option. In this sense, colors such as blue, green, purple, or red are perfect for a colorful suit. You can also include them in your dress shirt or tie to complement your look.


Similarly, a tailored suit in beige or brown, being strong colors, is also a great choice to put together a more sophisticated outfit. In contrast, you should never wear yellow. In fact, try to avoid it as much as possible when picking out your suit, and accessories.


As for black and white, they’re also an excellent option for fair-skinned men. Nonetheless, if your complexion is very pale, you should avoid wearing a completely white suit.


Blue is the quintessential color for light-skinned men, as well as all shades in between. Blue can be a companion to dark colors because, on top of highlighting your personality, they provide the elegance you need at any given time.


The best suit’s colors for brown skin tones

It’s true, brown skin has a very particular characteristic besides being a tone that tends to harden our features. As a result, this skin tone is not very friendly to dark-colored suits.


Of course, if you must attend a formal meeting, you should probably wear a tailored black or dark suit. In this case, combine them with lighter colors to relax your features, and in turn, have an air of softness. On the other hand, your choice of colors will depend on the style you want to convey when dressing.


Unlike men with fair skin, you should avoid a brown or beige suit at all costs. The reason is that these colors mimic your skin and can make you look a little dull.


Instead of these colors, pick colors such as turquoise blue, pink, green, or salmon. Yes, I know what you’re thinking “aren’t these colors… too much?” And the truth is that they can be. Because of this, you can just use them in your tie or dress shirt.


The best suit colors for darker skin tones

Tillman Style - Suit colors that match every skin toneDark-skinned men enjoy many advantages over those with light or brown skin. After all, this skin tone goes well with a great variety of colors. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that some may stand out more than others.


What are these colors? First, white is a color that makes an impact on dark skin. As well as khaki, blue, and a wide range of grays. That’s why if you want to wear a suit in any of these colors, you’ll be making a successful combination.


As for the colors to which you should say no, there are strong blues, browns, and purple. These colors don’t stand out at all in dark skin. Because of this, don’t wear them in dress shirts, ties, and much less in tailored suits.


What colors match your skin tone?


Tillman - Suits for tall menTo look good when wearing a tailored suit, you must take into account the color of your suit and skin tone.


After all, if you want to create a sophisticated style, your wardrobe must have the right clothes to make you stand out.


In my workshop, we’ll tailor the suit you need. And advise you if you don’t know which colors are the best for you when it comes to your skin tone. You can contact us right now and in less than you think we will do our magic for you!

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