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Rules for the Proper Usage of Ties

Rules for the Proper Usage of Ties. This time we decided to clear what are the rules every man that wears tailored made suits should know for wearing a tie as a compliment. In fact, this turns out to be one element that characterizes men’s and good fashion. This is why every man, besides having a tie in their closet, should also know its proper usage. Every time we make a tailored suit, we think of the elegance each one of our clients wants to convey. Likewise, we also commit to counseling our clients on what kind of tie can best match a particular suit for a special event.


How to wear a tie correctly?


Tillman Style - Men suitsTies are very important when it comes to dressing in a tailored suit, that is why you need to know the right model. Therefore, there are certain rules that need to be respected if you don’t want to ruin the sophistication of your dress suit.


Throughout our experience, we have noticed every tie matches a particular suit, and the same happens with dress shirts.


That is why, before choosing a tie, you need to keep in mind certain details such as the cut of the suit you are going to wear, the color of it, and the occasion.


After you determine these details, it is important for you to pay attention to the following rules:


The tie knot

The most common mistake when wearing a tie happens when you tie the knot. This must align with the neck of the shirt, that is why there has to be some harmony between the triangle made by the neck of the shirt, and the tie. The idea is that the tie knot doesn’t end up too little or too big for there to be a balance when using this complement.


Tillman Style - Rules for the Proper Usage of Ties - tiesThe ideal length of the tie

This is one rule you must not forget, because the proper length of the tie should be at the waist, no more and no less.


Every time you wear a tie you must take care of the point resting right at your waist.


However, this rule can have an exception in case the suit you are wearing is short.


For this type of suit, there would be no problem if the tie falls above the belly button.


The lapel of the coat

This is one rule that on many occasions is not taken into account, but that thanks to our advice you will now know and not forget it. Once you choose a tailored suit for a special occasion, you must be mindful of the lapel of your coat.


If you notice the lapel of your coat is thick, the best is for you to wear a tie with the same bulkiness. Now, if the lapel is thin, the right thing is for you to go for a thin tie. In this way, there will be a total balance between your suit and the tie.


Tillman Style - Men suitsThe handkerchief with the tie 

It is normal for many gentlemen to pass this rule undetected, but there must be a correlation between the tie and the handkerchief you are going to use.


With this, we don’t mean both accessories have to match or be of the same color.


The idea is that both the tie and the handkerchief fit the style and the color of the suit.


The width of the tie

When we refer to the width of the tie, it is important to take into account the reason you will wear your tailored suit, meaning if you will go to a casual reunion or a formal event.


If you want to dress according to the event you will go to, with a look that stands out above everyone else, you need to follow this rule. If you have wide ties or standard-sized, save them only for formal events. And you can leave the thinner ties to complement your casual attire.


Tillman Style - Rules for the Proper Usage of Ties - TiesThe texture of the tie

This is also a very relevant point because you shouldn’t miss basic ties in your wardrobe to complement a suit attire.


What kind of ties should you have?


Within your tie collection, you need to have a plain and thin one that you can wear for a formal or casual occasion.


You will also need a dotted tie, specifically small dots, to make your look somber and sophisticated. Likewise, you can also have a tie with some sort of logo or emblem on it to wear with a casual suit.


The buttons with the tie

To finish these rules, you need to respect the proper usage of ties, we cannot leave this point unmentioned. All the buttons on the shirts should be buttoned, especially if you are wearing them with a formal suit where this accessory cannot be missing.


When you leave some buttons unbuttoned, it is likely for the shirt to open leaving a hole behind the tie. As a result, your look will lose elegance points and it will look very bad. As for advice, we can tell you that the ideal is for all the buttons on the shirt to be hidden behind the tie if you want to look like a distinguished man.


When wearing ties, never forget these rules

When it comes to wearing a tailored suit, elegance cannot be missing, therefore you need to practice these rules we gave you to make proper use of ties.


In any case, you can come to our atelier searching for a tailored suit, and we will make sure to give you the best advice that goes with your attire and personality.


Each time you use a tie you need to keep in mind that you shouldn’t just wear it because everyone else is. The idea is for this accessory to be the perfect complement to the tailored suit we can make for you right at our atelier. Contact us and discover the magic we can make for you.

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