Tillman Style -Tips to pick the most flattering suit color for you 

Tips to pick the most flattering suit color for you 

Tips to pick the most flattering suit color for you. Every time you wear a suit, besides the design, the color will also attract attention. That is why the ideal thing is for you to make a good suit color decision, and this will depend on the occasion and other elements we will highlight next.


Usually, we always recommend to the clients that come to our atelier that the following colors should not be missing in their tailored-made suits: dark blue, dark grey, and of course, black. A black tailored suit will always save you when you need it, keeping your look elegant. However, other suit colors will be right for certain occasions.


How to choose the color of a suit?


If you are going to buy your first suit, or you are coming to our atelier to get a design specially made for you, we recommend that you go for basic colors. This is because, when you limit yourself to basic colors, you can have a suit ready for every occasion.


Likewise, there are many colors we recommend wearing on appropriate occasions, or on the contrary, they will break the balance in any outfit. Because of this, your first suit should be in a dark color and a conservative design, so your choice should be between dark blue, dark grey, or black.


Now, although black always takes the spotlight when it comes to dressing up if you don’t know which of the colors to choose for your first suit you can go with dark grey, which is very versatile and adjusts to your needs.


Likewise, on most occasions the suit will favor you more depending on the color you choose:


Tillman Style -Tips to pick the most flattering suit color for you Dark grey


Once again, we highlight the dark grey because men of any skin tone and physique can wear it.


However, this suit color flatters more than those with a medium frame, and you can match it to brown or black-toned accessories.


This color also looks fantastic on young men, because, unlike other colors, this one will not emphasize age.


Dark blue


Tillman Style -Tips to pick the most flattering suit color for you 

To go to your work, or a job interview, a dark blue suit will always represent you well.


In fact, men with a lighter complexion benefit more from this suit color, as well as those with a thinner physique.


Usually, a dark blue suit stays within the traditional suit group, so aside from wearing it to the office or a work interview, it will be great to wear it on many occasions.


So, if you want to stay up to date with the trends, a suit in this color will always be an excellent choice.




Tillman Style -Tips to pick the most flattering suit color for you A brown suit is perfect to go to a casual meeting, and the best of it all is that most men can look very good in this color.


Likewise, although brown is the dominant color, your color palette will also be composed of other earth tones that will look amazing in a man’s suit.


However, we will give you a piece of advice, and it is that you don’t wear a suit in this color for negotiation meetings as many people, according to color psychology, it wouldn’t be acceptable because it doesn’t convey an image of professionalism.




Tillman Style -Tips to pick the most flattering suit color for you 

Along with our team of professionals, we have made a great number of tailored suits, and we can tell you that our most requested color is black. The reason for this is that a black color suit, aside from looking elegant, is perfect for formal occasions.


If you have to go to a wedding, a prom, or even a funeral, you can wear a black suit, as it usually looks perfect in any skin tone and physique. In fact, men who have a few extra pounds can conceal them with a suit in this tone.


In the same way, although they are perfect for a formal occasion, you can also wear them in a casual or informal meeting as they will convey a lot of style and authority.


How to pick the suit color perfect for men? 


The colors we just mentioned are usually traditional, and as you can see they will look great on most men. However, there are still more tips we need to give you for choosing the most flattering suit color for you:


Tillman Style -Tips to pick the most flattering suit color for you 

Go for quality


Aside from choosing the right color, it is also important for you to pick a suit made of good quality fabrics. Likewise, look for a shirt and accessories that add elegance to your look. In the same way, if you are more daring for dressing, pick socks with prints, keeping the conservative side of your outfit.


Stop fastening the lower button of your jacket


Many men do it, and this is why this couldn’t be missing from our tips. It is a mistake to fasten the lower button on your jacket, as when you sit down you will need to unfasten it so it doesn’t rise up.


Watch your pants closely


For picking the most flattering suit color, you need to pay close attention to your pants. This garment needs to fall at the waist, so you need to avoid it falling on your hips. In the same way, you also don’t need them to be too wide or too tight on the legs.


Choose the most flattering suit for you


We always tell our clients that we can consider their clothing tastes for designing a tailored-made suit.


Also, besides choosing the right color it is mandatory to do a balanced match with the accessories that will work as a companion.


If you want a basic suit, you can come to our atelier, and our team will show you the colors and textures of fabrics we have for your tailored suit.


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