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The perfect suits for short men

The perfect suits for short men. Where are the short men? For this occasion, I wanted to make a post exclusively for those men of short stature, especially for those who think that a suit won’t fit them. This is a serious mistake since every man can use a tailored suit, taking into account certain details.


In fact, I want to give you some useful tips to look taller when wearing a suit. Ideally, each time you use a suit regardless of your figure, you must look balanced and taller at the same time.


So, if you have lived worried about your height for a long time, don’t worry! Today, I will teach you how to use a tailored suit and succeed.


How should a short man dress?


The first rule of thumb for being a short man is that, instead of wearing a jacket or blazer, opt for wearing a full suit. After all, it’s the only way you can look taller. In the same way, if you want to lengthen your body as much as possible, you cannot always have a tailored suit in a dark tone.


Dark-colored suits provide many advantages, although to achieve the height effect you can also choose monochromatic or solid colors.


In the same way, I want to make it clear that men of short stature should know what clothing to use so as not to spoil the look. For example, suits with squares or horizontal lines should simply be excluded. It’s best to choose tailored suits with vertical lines to meet the objective of stylizing your figure.


For your outfit with a suit to look right, below I will tell you the clothes that you should “NOT” use:


Long jackets 

Suits with long jackets are a real disaster. After all, instead of adding height, they will make you look small, even more than you are. During my years of experience in the world of tailoring, I have noticed that for men of low height the most appropriate is to use slightly fitted jackets and preferably one button.


Pants to the hip 

This is another of the mistakes that men of small stature make. So, from today forward, you can’t forget that when wearing pants at the waist, your legs will look longer and at the same time the torso will look shorter. You can be sure that once you try this great advice, you will thank me.


Patterned ties 

If you’re a short man and have patterned ties, now is the time to save them or give them to a taller friend. When putting on a tailored suit, you must select a solid color tie as a complement to conclude with a balanced style.


Valencian pants 

Valencian is usually a very common element in dress pants, although I preferably recommend this design for tall men. This outer hem detracts from height, so it isn’t the best option for a short man, as it will only make you look shorter.


How to dress if I am short?


Apart from taking into account the advice that I just gave you, you must also determine what your build is. For example, if you’re a short and thin or overweight man. You should take into account these factors to look sophisticated with a suit.


If you’re a short, thin man:

Slim and short men shouldn’t wear suits with vertical lines, or else they will look skinnier than they are. 


Also, you cannot wear a single color. Instead, you should look for a shirt a shade lighter than the suit you plan to wear.


If this is your build, it’s best to look for checkered shirts and pleated pants to flatter your figure and height.


If you’re an overweight short man:

In this case, I recommend using a thin tie without any type of pattern. Similarly, flat-cut pants are perfect for stuffed men, so saying “NO” to pleated pants is the best option for you.


As for the number of buttons, overweight men can wear suits with three buttons, and jackets without a back opening. Although three-button suits will look much better on men with tall stature.


There is still more advice for short men who want to wear suits


Tillman Style - short men

If you’re a short man, you shouldn’t stress every time you have to put on a suit to go to work or fulfill another commitment. Short or tall men can take advantage of each attribute to always look good. By this, I don’t mean when wearing suits, but also when using any accessories or other garments.


For your look with a tailored suit to be appropriate, you must know how to combine the colors. Neutral tones will make you appear taller and should be used especially on the torso part. If you plan to add a dark color, wear it in your pants, and never think of wearing totally black.


As for accessories, I have always been very detailed when talking about this point. After all, I have always thought that for a man to look elegant, less is more. That’s why you should use watches, buckles, or shoes that don’t overload visually and, of course, are in good taste.


Now that I mention shoes, many short men think that the best option is to use a model with high heels. Wrong! This will only attract attention for wanting to look a few inches taller.


If you’re a short man, you will no longer suffer when putting on a suit


Tillman Style - tricks to be an elegant manI hope you find my advice very useful if you are short and used to wearing suits. As you can see, creating a look isn’t as difficult as it seems. In fact, if you come to my workshop, my professional team will make the suit you need to make you look magnificent even if you’re short.


Similarly, apart from wearing a tailored suit made in my workshop, you must keep your head up and feel confident about yourself.


You can call us right now to make an appointment, and you won’t regret it.


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