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What is the perfect suit for a wedding’s best man?

What is the perfect suit for a wedding’s best man? Because weddings are usually more frequent events, we have decided to write a few posts related to this topic. This time we want to refer to the perfect suit for a fashionable best man. We will also mention the necessary accessories to complement a tailored suit for this celebration.


Are you the best man at the wedding? If your answer is yes, you must know that aside from being the best man, you will be considered as one of the most special guests. This means that everyone will have their eyes on you, so you can make no mistakes when you assemble your look.


How should the best man dress?


Tillman - What is the perfect suit for a wedding’s best man? - suitIf they have selected you as the best man, you need to know that you will fulfill many functions; like making a special speech for the grooms during the toast for example. That is why you need to feel comfortable and make an original choice for your suit.


When it comes to choosing your tailored suit, the best is that you guide yourself by the dress code established by the groom.


Meaning, if the groom wears a cutaway suit, as the best man you need to do the same thing, or go for a formal tailored suit. Of course, if the groom wears a suit, it wouldn’t be okay if you wore a cutaway, and the best you can do is look at other options of tailored suits.


Suit or cutaway? Choose the proper one 


Although it is true, the groom will follow a dress code considering the hour and place of the celebration. However, sometimes there can be a bit of confusion with picking the most proper outfit, that is why we are here to save your lives for dressing up. To make use of the cutaway suit, the ceremony needs to be entirely formal and during the day; we recommend you wear tones like graphite grey and blue. However, there is an exception because many grooms choose cutaways for their ceremony in the afternoon or night, and for this time black should be the protagonist.


Likewise, if it is a civil wedding, we always recommend the use of the classic suit. In the same way, you can choose a jacket that is fitted, straight, or any other cut you prefer. As for the colors, grey and black are at the top of the list, although you can also make use of a suit in mustard, red, navy, or electric blue. These are just some examples because there is a very wide color palette you can use. The tuxedo can also be an excellent option for best men if it is a formal wedding or in the afternoon. In fact, if we talk about protocol, the tuxedo is a classic among the gala suits for weddings and it should always be in black and go with a bow tie.


Choosing the colors of the suits


Tillman - What is the perfect suit for a wedding’s best man? - suitDepending on the type of suit and the color, you can be a stylish best man that doesn’t go unnoticed.


The idea is that by being such an important figure for that occasion you look your best, and if you follow our advice you will achieve it.


It is essential that the best man chooses a shirt that goes with the range of colors chosen by the groom. Please, avoid garish or daring colors as they will not go with your functions in the celebration.


If you really want to be an elegant best man, regardless of whether you are wearing a suit or a cutaway, we recommend you choose colors like grey, navy blue, or black that will never look bad on any occasion.


How should the tie of the best man be?


This is a very common question, as many men don’t know what is the most appropriate for a wedding and in the ideal color. For the best men, when it comes to wearing a bowtie it should not be in the same color as the one worn by the groom.


Likewise, if we go for a tie, a dotted one will be appropriate. Although you can also choose between basic colors or prints. If you want a suit made by us, as tailors we recommend you wear a bow tie and this can be in the same color both for the groom and the best man.


Accessories the best man must use to complement the suit


We have already explained to you about the type of suit and the appropriate colors for the best man’s suit at the wedding. Now we will give you the best recommendations for accessories that will complement your outfit to get a sophisticated look:




Usually, the shirt to complement your suit should be white and coupled with cufflinks. Similarly, although the groom and the best man can wear shirts of the same color. They cannot do the same with ties of the same color, but the exception will be if you use bow ties. 


Tillman - What is the perfect suit for a wedding’s best man? - suitCufflinks


In stores, you can find a great variety of cufflinks to complement your look with class and elegance.


The choice of this accessory will depend on the type of suit and the tastes of the best man.




If you want to play safe, black shoes are the most appropriate for a wedding, especially the Oxford style. Forget about very extravagant or striking shoes, to not break the balance of your look.




Fashion breaks its parameters a little when it comes to dressing, but when you are the best man at a wedding, you need to wear only black and long socks.


Now, the groom can wear dotted or colorful socks.




If you are thinking of including a vest in your outfit needs to be in a classic cut, preferably in grey, pink, blue, or black. Usually, intense tones are for the groom to choose.


Lastly, don’t forget the boutonniere


The groom and the best man usually wear this floral decoration, and it consists of a little flower or bouquet that goes on the buttonhole of the suit and matches the bouquet of the bride.


This has the goal of showing who are the most important attendants of the wedding.


If you are the best man at the wedding, we hope our advice is of help for your look to be the most appropriate for this occasion. In our atelier, our team of professionals can give you other suggestions just as important when doing your tailored suit so you can go to that celebration.


Contact us, and we will create the suit or cutaway you need to be a fashionable and elegant best man.

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