Tillman Style - Outfits that cannot be missing from a successful man’s closet

Outfits that cannot be missing from a successful man’s closet

Outfits that cannot be missing from a successful man’s closet. Generally, every successful man must attend meetings where the dress code will be formal. Therefore, for men who are used to dressing formally, there are types of suits that cannot be missing in their closet. Likewise, there are several items that also cannot be missing to match with tailored suits. 


Must-have suits for a successful man’s closet


When wearing suits frequently, it is important to have the following suits in your closet as they are basic and versatile garments: 


Grey suit in any of its shades 

You can choose a suit in any of the different shades of grey that are on the market, and you will always make an excellent choice. This color is ideal if you want to have a classic suit in your closet that you can use both to go to the office and for a special occasion. 


The range of greys is very varied, so it is important to know when to use each shade. For example, we recommend our clients to wear a light grey suit when the weather is sunny and there is no rain. While for winter, the best option will be a dark grey suit. 


Likewise, a grey suit will be a must-have basic and a dark blue suit, and here’s why. 


Tillman Style - Outfits that cannot be missing from a successful man’s closetBlue suit, preferably with two buttons 

Just as it is important to have a grey suit to create a gorgeous look, it is also essential to have a blue suit because of its versatility.


Likewise, although there are several suit cuts, it is best to choose a two-button blazer model. 


When you have a blue suit, you won’t waste so much time creating the perfect look. Thanks to its easy combination, you can mix a suit in this color with shirts in different shades to create a formal or a more casual look. Of course, a white shirt in combination with a blue suit will become the best outfit you can wear.


Tillman Style - Outfits that cannot be missing from a successful man’s closetDouble-breasted suit that evokes the 50s 

The double-breasted suit, although it was a very popular item during the 50s, is now in trend. So, you can have a suit of this cut to attend a casual or more formal meeting depending on its combination and, of course, your preferences. 


Nowadays, double-breasted suits are available with blue or dark brown prints to conclude with a British-style look. However, this type of combination proves to be more beneficial for slim men. 


Similarly, men with a thicker build can also make use of a double-breasted suit playing with the number of buttons. The height of the lapels will also be relevant, so the best option will be to have a tailored suit in this model. 


Pinstriped suits in diplomatic style 

If you belong to the diplomatic world when you ask yourself if you have in your closet a pinstripe suit, your answer should be yes. Now, if you do not have it yet, no need to worry because you are still in time to have a tailored suit for this model. The pinstripe suits are also basic, and depending on the type of stripes will serve for a particular occasion. 


When a suit has the stripes lightly marked, you can use it for a celebration where the dress code is elegant. Now, if the event to which you must attend is informal, your look can comprise a dress suit with wide stripes.


Basic garments that can’t be missing in a man’s closet


Just as we’ve let you know which outfits you cannot miss in your closet, we’ll tell you which are the basic garments that you can not overlook for a perfect combination: 


White button-down shirt

The white shirt is a classic in every man’s closet, as it matches any suit color. Best of all, this element can have a formal or more casual character depending on how you match it. Although there are a variety of white shirts, the Oxford type is a good choice thanks to its cut that provides versatility.


In fact, besides wearing it with suits, you can also wear a white button-down shirt with jeans if the occasion calls for it.


Likewise, you can have several white shirts in your closet, although before buying them, it is important that you check their quality and above all that they are your size so that you feel comfortable wearing them. 


Tillman Style - Outfits that cannot be missing from a successful man’s closetBlue shirt 

It is never too much to have several dress shirts in your closet, and although white shirts are very versatile, it is also important to have one in a blue tone. This color is perfect for use on some occasions, whether to create a casual or formal look. 


Although there are several shades of blue, opt for light blue shirts because they are easier to combine.


One advantage of the blue shirt is that you can wear it with or without a tie, especially if it is made of cotton material. 



If you are a man who wears suits frequently or daily, ties should not be missing in your closet either. In fact, although ties maintain their formality, you can use them for casual occasions and they will still look good.


Likewise, for some places, the use of a tie will be indispensable, although everything will depend on the place where you work and the meetings you frequently attend.


If you do not have many ties, it is important that you have a model in a neutral color, such as grey or blue, preferably in materials such as silk, wool, or cotton.


Are the outfits in your closet those of a successful man?


In any closet, there may be garments that are used often and others infrequently.


However, in the closet of a successful man, you cannot miss the tailored suits and the elements that we just mentioned to keep your look impeccable. 


Likewise, for your outfit to be tailored, you can come to our atelier because we have a team of professionals making basic and elegant suits for any occasion.


Contact us now and we will take care of making the suit to the size you need.

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