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Men’s accessories for special events

Men’s accessories for special events. Do you need to attend a special event? When dressing for something like this, it is important that you have an impeccable look. For this reason, I will show you the best trends in men’s accessories. Not only that, but I’ll tell you how to use them so that you stand out from others.


When it comes to getting dressed, it is important that you take care of every detail. That is something I recommend to all my clients, and now to you. For this reason, it is always essential that you have a tailored suit. But, you also need accessories that you can take advantage of if you are attending a special event. When you are going to attend these types of occasions, you must choose an outfit that is in tune with your personality. That is why I want to tell you which accessories cannot miss from your wardrobe to create fabulous outfits. There is no use in wearing a good suit if you do not include the appropriate accessories.


Men should look good at special events too


Don’t think that only women should wear the perfect outfit during a special event. Men should also enhance their masculinity with a good suit and elegant accessories. You just have to learn to combine them perfectly, and that’s it.


Did you think there were no accessories for men?

Well, there are, and they are essential for you to put together a good look. They’re great when you go to events that need the highest order of elegance. A suit without a tie or without accessories will definitely not look as good. You might even go unnoticed. For this reason, you must dare to combine different accessories with your suit, even if you have not used them so far.


Now, you must be thinking about the price. Men’s accessories can be expensive or affordable, depending on their brand and where you buy them. The best advice I can give you is that when buying accessories, choose what best fits your personality. Also, make sure it’s of the highest quality so that later you don’t waste your investment. In general, the more expensive accessories for men, the more resistant and durable they are.


Showcase your personality when dressing for a special occasion

Tillman Style - Men's accessories for special events- important data

When you are going to attend a special occasion, you should dress accordingly.


So, try something different from how you usually go to work or to a relaxed meeting with friends. In other words, choose different accessories than the ones you use in everyday life so that your appearance is special too.


Believe it or not, men’s accessories are more important than you can imagine.


That is why, when dedicating myself to the creation of tailored suits, I must show you the accessories that you can’t miss on special occasions.


Accessories that you need in your wardrobe to show off at a special event


If you are a man of detail, you must put attention to your look. I understand how important it is for you to attend special occasions with a perfect look. But, if you don’t pay as much attention to these details, it will be more difficult for you to put together a formal outfit where you can highlight the right things. I consider that the following accessories that I am going to mention are essential in your wardrobe when dressing for a special occasion:



You must attend special occasions with a well-tailored suit.


Therefore, a tie is a key complement to your look. In fact, it’s part of the rules of etiquette in clothing. When wearing an elegant suit, a good tie or bow tie must be a part of the look.


There is a great variety of ties to choose from.


So, you can ensure the right complement for a special occasion. In general, silk ties are the most suitable for these types of occasions and when accompanied by a discreet tie pin, in addition to looking good, will help it stay in place.



Sunglasses have become an everyday accessory, and most of them fit any type of look. However, for a special occasion, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the glasses you are going to wear. For your special occasion, choose a model of glasses that fits the shape of your face, and preferably choose a dark or metal frame.



This accessory, in addition to its usefulness, is essential for you to add a touch of style to your look.


This accessory is used by both men and women because it helps you be on time. Similarly, when you wear a watch along with a tailored suit, it will project you as a very organized person.


In the world of fashion, there are plenty of brands to choose from. So, you can choose the design and color of your choice.


Likewise, there are materials among which some will be more resistant than others and their formality depends on it. If you are going to attend a special occasion, choose a watch with a metal strap. It will be your best choice.



Nowadays, there are exclusive bags for men. They turn out to be very practical for a special occasion. You can keep your wallet, keys, or other elements that you don’t like having in your hands or pockets.


Tillman Style - Men's accessories for special events- important dataMoney clip

The money clip is also a very practical accessory so that your money is stored in an organized way.


When you wear a tailored suit, this element will be one of the most important.


It’s good to have your money in one place and at your fingertips.





It is necessary that you have a quality belt. Nowadays, you can get them in different materials. Try to have at least two belts. One in black and one in brown. Similarly, when choosing a belt, take the buckle into account, since it should not be larger than the palm of your hand.


Tillman Style - Men's accessories for special events- important dataScarves

Many men wear scarves, and they’re great for special occasions.


Especially during winter, scarves are a very useful accessory, and you can place them in different ways around your neck.


It is a good idea to have a couple of them in your closet, ready to use if the occasion warrants it.





Even if you have several pairs of socks, you should know which ones to wear for a special occasion. That is why, when wearing a suit, you should use socks of the same color, or at least, of a shade that makes a good contrast.



The shoes will be the final complement to your formal outfit, and you must have at least one model ready for a special occasion.


There are luxury footwear brands that offer you quality sneakers at different prices.


If you have elegant shoes in black, it will be enough.






Most men have an everyday wallet, and they do not change it until it loses it is old and waste away. My recommendation would be that you have at least two wallets, one for casual occasions and the other for formal occasions. As for its size, you can opt for those with its traditional proportion, or a larger one if you carry a bag.


These are the essential accessories for men on a special occasion


Tillman Style - important dataYou need to make sure you have these in your wardrobe, so you can attend a special occasion with a perfect look.


Each of these accessories becomes the best complement to your tailored suit.


In my tailoring workshop, apart from making your ideal suit for that special occasion, I commit myself along with the rest of my team to give you the best advice.


That way, you get a perfect harmony between your suit and accessories as a result.


Contact us, and we will gladly schedule an appointment for you.

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