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Impress your clients with an elegant suit

Impress your clients with an elegant suit. Elegance should always be the protagonist for any type of outfit, especially when referring to tailored suits. A well-tailored suit should always be your best companion, not only for a gala event but also for a business meeting. Especially if your goal is to surprise your clients. That’s why I will give you the best advice, wear an outfit according to the meeting you must attend.


Dealing with clients can often be exhausting. However, when a business is closed successfully, our chests burst with joy. So, if you want to achieve that long-awaited success, your appearance has a lot to say. Imagine arriving at a meeting with a client in sharp and elegant attire. He will surely have a good impression of you and will feel more encouraged when talking to you.


How to achieve an elegant outfit?


Wearing a smart suit will go a long way if you have an important meeting with a client. However, all the weight shouldn’t fall on the suit. After all, your image will also depend on the accessories and other elements you wear.


Tillman Style - important dataIf your company’s profile is very sophisticated, it makes sense to wear a suit, either for a casual or formal look. So, if you want to turn your suit into your ally when meeting a client, follow the next tips.


To start, there is a great variety of suits in stores. Nonetheless, you can also have a custom-made in my workshop. In general, I recommend wearing dark-colored suits to close a deal. Why dark colors? Because these accentuate authority and will make you look more confident. In this case, choose a suit in gray, navy blue or classic black, I promise you won’t regret it. Now, if you’re going to use a suit with lines, make sure that these are like the chalk lines. This is because they are perfect for a business meeting.


Similarly, opt for a jacket with a straight cut and a flap that is as thin as possible. Followed by this, make sure that your jacket has three buttons so that you look more elegant than usual. When wearing a jacket, you cannot forget to open it before sitting down and close it when standing up and walking.


To attend a meeting with your clients, you must take care of the appearance of your suit and accessories

As you already know, besides wearing an elegant suit, you must also make a good choice of accessories. Remember that when it comes to a meeting with your clients, the idea is to impress them to encourage them to close a business successfully.


Consequently, once you have chosen your suit, you must select the perfect shirt for it. My best advice is to use plain shirts, preferably in white or blue. These are colors that go very well with any color of the suit. You should also take care that your shirt is impeccable since your elegance will also depend on it being clean and without wrinkles.


On the other hand, always choose a shirt in your size. After all, its cuffs cannot protrude greatly above the sleeve of the suit. Another important piece of information about accessories refers to the tie. This element is usually more used than the bow tie when trying to create an outfit to go to meet clients. The good news is that there are a wide variety of tie colors that you can combine with your tailored suit, however, you should avoid using black ties.


I have already mentioned two of the most important accessories to combine with your suit, which are the shirt and tie. However, your choice of shoes also matter. Even if you can wear them in brown, black will always be the best option to highlight elegance. In addition to this, your shoes must always be clean if you want to maintain a good image with your clients.


How will your suit look best to impress clients?


Tillman Style - elegant suitYou should give work meetings the same importance as a gala event. In this sense, you must take care of several details to look more sophisticated. These can also allow you to be prepared to attend an important client meeting.


  • When wearing a suit, you should feel comfortable, so you should use a shirt that fits you. Also, your tie’s knot should be right on your neck without the need to feel suffocated.
  • Both men and women like to wear accessories, in fact, you can look more attractive by putting on a bracelet or a watch. But remember that less is more. Remember this if you want to use either of these two objects.
  • If you need to take a laptop or other equipment to the meeting with your clients, you should choose a bag or suitcase that matches your suit. Consequently, I hope you don’t think of using your child’s backpack or an old suitcase. Otherwise, this will only dislodge your outfit and will subtract.


Ready to impress your clients?


Tillman Style - elegant suitTo look good, you shouldn’t invest a lot of time. Instead, just follow my advice to impress your clients by wearing a suit correctly. Apart from being a good professional and complying with due punctuality, you must take care of your image. Don’t forget that this can determine whether your meeting is successful or not.


At Tillman, we will tailor the suit you need so that your clients, apart from talking about your professionalism, can direct their gaze towards your outfit.


You can contact us through our website or call us to start doing our magic for you.

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