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What is the ideal suit to attend a wedding?

What is the ideal suit to attend a wedding? There are very important events where the dress code is very strict. This is the case of weddings since it is a celebration where men must be as perfect as possible. However, to know what is the ideal suit to attend a wedding you should consider several details in advance. It is normal that men of different ages come to our workshop looking for a suit for a wedding. So, the first thing we tell them is that regardless of the event they are going to attend, they should think about elegance. Then we also tell them that they have made a selection when they requested to have a custom suit made so that they look good with an outfit that fits their bodies correctly. 


How to dress for a wedding?


Tillman Style - ideal suit to attend a wedding - suitWhen making a custom suit for a wedding, we make several recommendations to our clients. Before deciding on a suit, first of all, they should consider the time of the wedding, and therefore the type of wedding.  Also, in the wedding invitation, the marrying couple usually makes clear the type of suit you should wear, and you should guide yourself by it so you don’t look different from the rest of the guests. 


In general, we suggest the use of a mid-tailored suit for men who wish to attend a wedding with the ideal suit. Likewise, when we talk about a mid-tailored suit, we refer to a suit that consists of a jacket, and that you can complement with a bow tie or a tieIn this sense, the use of a tie or a bow tie will depend on the tastes of each person. Although this second option will be the most appropriate for a wedding party held in the afternoon or evening. 


Are you the best man at the wedding?


Tillman Style - suitBy being the best man at the wedding the way you dress changes a little, just as if you are one of the so-called “special guests” of the couple.


For this occasion, our best advice is to wear a cutaway suit in case it is required by the dress code. 


The cutaway is a suit exclusively for ceremonies that take place during the day, that is, in weddings held from morning until sunset.


For you to learn to differentiate this type of suit from others: it consists of a jacket, shirt, vest, and pants. 


What suit color to wear to a wedding?


Tillman Style - suitFor this special occasion, apart from having a well tailored suit, you must choose the right color. Likewise, the choice of color will also depend on whether the wedding will be during the day or at night. Our years of experience in tailoring suits have made us determine that there will be nothing better for men than to wear a suit in light tones to a wedding.


That is why a suit in tan color will look great for this type of occasion. When we talk about the tan color, we mean light brown. Although there are also light tones that will look great in a suit to go to a wedding, such as blue or gray.  The timing of the choice of the color of a suit will also depend a lot on the personality of the wearer. It will also be relevant to the wedding schedule and the dress code described on the invitation card.


For men who have been invited to a wedding that will be in an open space, our best recommendation is to wear suits in neutral colors. Generally, these types of colors are perfect for attending a beach wedding because they are cooler, therefore they will not absorb the heat of the sun. 


What about suits in dark colors?


Now, for weddings that are celebrated during the afternoon until the evening, suits in light colors will not be the best option. For this occasion, suits in dark tones will be an excellent choice, such as charcoal gray, navy blue, or classic black. Likewise, for suits in dark colors, it will be mandatory to wear a tuxedo because they will mark the elegance in your attire. 


Ideal complements and accessories for your suit


Some accessories and complements cannot be missing in your wedding outfit: 


Tie or bow tie 


Tillman Style - ideal suit to attend a wedding - suitOne of the indispensable accessories in a suit to attend a wedding is the tie. This can be flashy or sober, the most important thing is that it makes a perfect combination with the shirt you are wearing. For a wedding, the idea is to wear a white shirt, and of course, this should be long-sleeved. However, a light blue dress shirt could also be suitable. 


Likewise, bow ties are one of the most used accessories to attend a wedding, especially if the dress code is formal. Now, many of our clients have had some confusion when deciding on a tie or a bow tie. We believe ties should be the best accompaniment to a tuxedo or casual suit. There is a wide variety of tie colors you can include in these types of suits and patterns that will enhance your personality. 


For evening weddings we recommend the exclusive use of the bow tie, and although it used to be worn only in black, now it comes in a variety of colors and very striking prints. 




Tillman Style - ideal suit to attend a wedding - shoesThis is a golden rule, and it is that the shoes you choose must match your suit. That is why, if you wear a blue or beige suit you should use dark shoes such as black, dark blue or brown. 


Likewise, it is essential that your shoes do not look worn and are completely clean.  The tie or bow tie and shoes are the most important accessories to complement your suit. However, here is a short list with suggestions of other accessories that you should include to look more sophisticated: 


  • Watch.
  • Belt or suspenders.
  • Printed or plain handkerchief.


Tillman Style - ideal suit to attend a wedding - suit

Choose the right suit to attend a wedding


If you have an invitation to an upcoming wedding and you don’t know what suit to wear, you don’t have to worry because in our workshop we can help you along with our team of experts in the world of tailoring.


In our workshop, apart from making a custom-made suit, we offer you the best suggestions for you to dress at the height that any event you have to attend deserves. 


Contact us and we will make magic for you.

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