Tillman Style - How to wear Suits with vests for men

How to wear Suits with vests for men

How to wear Suits with vests for men. Men can also make different combinations with their tailored suits. Today, that is what I want to explain in detail while focusing on vests for elegant men. After all, this garment is very versatile and can give you a lot of styles if you use it as a complement to your look.


Even if this garment became obsolete for some time, now it has come back. So, now is the time to learn how to take advantage of it. Keep reading to know how to wear a tailored suit with a vest without losing style.


How to wear a suit’s vest?


Tillman Style - How to wear Suits with vests for menWhen you use a vest to accompany a suit, you’re on the way to being the best dressed. That’s why I always like to advise my clients so that they know what to wear from head to toe.


Now, suppose they have knocked on the door of your house to invite you to a wedding or party. Besides thinking about what gift to bring, you should start looking for a suit for it. Of course, for most men, this process can be very easy. After all, they will only go to their closet and pull out the first suit they see. This is something you shouldn’t do, however.


Choosing the men’s vest design that will make you look good isn’t an easy task. You must choose an option that doesn’t go beyond the level of extravagance, but that doesn’t go unnoticed either. That’s why I tell you that choosing the suit that you will wear to a meeting requires a strategic selection.


The good news is that you are in luck. With this post, you won’t have to worry the next time you want to use a vest with your suit. Today, I will give you the best tips:


Tillman Style - How to wear Suits with vests for menChoose the correct size 

This point is essential. For a vest to look good it must fit correctly on your shoulders.


In other words, it must overlay the collars of the shirt with discretion.


You must also choose one tailored to your body but not excessively. Otherwise, it may look too small on you.


In the same way, you should also look at the length of the vest. In this case, it should only cover up to the waistline, longer or shorter than that will only spoil your look.


Tillman Style - How to wear Suits with vests for menBet on double breasting 

I have always said yes to double-breasted vests.


However, my recommendation is to leave it to special occasions.


So, if you have a double-breasted vest in your closet, use it for a more demanding dress code.


With this type of vest, you will be able to look very elegant.


Now, to not clash with your look, it’s best to unbutton the lower outer button.


Try not to fasten all the buttons 

This advice is also very important when wearing a vest, and as an inevitable rule, you should know that the last button of the vest must be unbuttoned.


Please, don’t forget this point if you really want to look amazing.


By putting on a vest with all the buttons fastened, you will look bigger than you are.


As a result, your amazing look can go to waste. That’s why to feel more comfortable and maintain good taste, this advice will be of great help.


Say “NO” to patterned shirts 

If you’re going to a meeting and you want to wear a three-piece suit, it’s best to use a white shirt.


Many men find this basic color to be boring, but it’s the most elegant and will never fail you.


However, you can use shirts in other colors but without prints.


As they won’t look good when combined with this formal accessory.


Tillman Style - How to wear Suits with vests for menDon’t think about combining them with a t-shirt 

Every time you wear a vest with a tailored suit, look to see yourself as a distinguished person.


That’s why you should always combine this accessory with the right elements. Therefore, although fashion standards change according to the trends of each year, I recommend that you never wear a vest with a t-shirt.




Because t-shirts aren’t an elegant garment so when mixed with a vest the outfit will lose its charm.


Don’t damage your look by looking for extravagance

There’s no doubt that there are a wide variety of accessories that can serve as a complement to atailored suit.


Similarly, some of these accessories will make you stand out.


Nonetheless, a vest shouldn’t be used to create an extravagant look.


So, when using a vest, avoid those that have been made with bright fabrics, and opt for a model in sober colors. Remember that when wearing a vest you should look elegant and not eccentric.


You can wear several fabrics 

When you wear a tailored suit you should always go for an elegant look, and to complement it you can choose a knitted vest.


Of course, the idea is that this knitted vest has buttons to look sophisticated and feel more comfortable.


Similarly, your knitted vest can be combined with a suit with pleated trousers and shirts in light tones.


However, I consider this type of vest to look good when the dress code doesn’t require so much elegance. After all, when formality is the focus I prefer to recommend a cotton fabric vest.


How to combine a men’s dress vest?


Tillman Style - tricks to be an elegant manIf until now you didn’t know how to wear men’s dress vests together with a tailored suit, I hope that my advice will help you a lot. Before finishing this post, I must also say the importance of choosing accessories properly. For example, your tie should be consistent with the color and style of your suit, and should always go under the vest.


Similarly, when you come to my workshop, besides making a suit to measure you need to know how to wear it correctly when combining it with a vest.


Contact us now, and my tailor team will become your favorite.


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