Tillman Style - Here's how to wear striped shirts correctly

Here’s how to wear striped shirts correctly

Here’s how to wear striped shirts correctly. There is a wide variety of striped shirts you can use to create different kinds of looks. But, when it comes to a tailored suit, you must choose the right striped men’s shirt. You don’t know how? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to my extensive experience tailoring suits, I can give you the best tips to match your men’s striped shirts and complement your looks.


As I mentioned, your choice of striped shirt’s will depend on the style you’re wearing at any given time. However, your body shape will also tell you which shirt and pattern you should use.


What kind of men’s striped shirts are there?


Not sure which striped shirt to use? Thanks to the variety of striped dress shirts, every man can find his ideal type of shirt. Most often than not, when you go to a store, there are certain designs you will always find. Knowing which model to choose will help you to not only complement your look but also to stand out.  Next, you’ll see the most common men’s striped shirts designs in the market. Find the one you like best and wear it with pride.


Vertical stripes dress shirt 

This type of shirt is the most basic model you can find in any men’s store. In fact, we bet that this was the model that came to your mind when reading the title of this post.


Now, matching these kinds of shirts with a tailored suit is always a great hit. Though a key detail you should consider is stripes’ thickness.


If we talk about fashion trends, I’ve noticed that thick striped shirts are getting a lot of attention right now. Thick stripes on shirts look great on slim men as they help you look bigger.


On the other hand, overweight men can wear a finer striped shirt to look slim.


Tillman - striped shirtsHorizontal striped dress shirt

Just as vertically striped shirts are common, horizontal ones are also very flattering, especially for tall and thin men.


So, if you decide to add this dress shirt to your wardrobe, you’ll be making the right choice. With it, you will always look good.


This is a good option to use inside your pants. The combination of a tailored suit and this shirt will create a daring look. Perfect to stand out.


How to wear a man’s striped shirt?

Tillman - striped shirtsStriped dress shirts for men are very versatile, that’s why you can use them to make a casual or formal look. Today, my goal is to allow you to create a refined style by wearing a men’s striped shirt. 


To start, if you want to wear a tailored suit, you must choose a long-sleeved striped shirt. In the same way, I recommend the use of basic colors. For example, the base of your shirt can be white with thin or thick blue stripes depending on your choice.


And if you’re a man who gets tired of the same thing, you can try a shirt based on olive green and white stripes. After this, you can select+< a suit in the same tone as your dress shirt’s stripes. This way, you’ll be respecting the etiquette that represents a refined style, as well as maintaining the balance of your outfit.


How to wear a striped shirt?

Many fashion designers associate striped shirts for men with casual style. However, this garment isn’t exclusive to these kinds of outfits.


The truth is that nowadays one can wear a striped shirt with a tailored suit. And to do that, there’s a trick that I’ll tell you below. It’s key that when you wear this type of shirt with your tailored suit, you consider the width of the stripes.


The thinner the stripes, the more formal they appear to be. And when thicker, they’ll be perfect to put together a casual look.


A striped shirt can look great to go to the office if you want to look neither messy nor elegant. Also, another tip that you cannot forget is that you should never match striped shirts with a striped suit. Yet for many experts, this is okay if the thickness of the stripes on the suit and shirt are different.


But, in my opinion, this combination is a huge styling mistake.


Tillman - striped shirtsHow to create an outfit with a man’s striped shirt?

Now that you know you can wear a striped shirt with a dress suit, it’s time to learn how to create the ideal outfit.


Generally, you can use striped shirts with suits without a tie, although you can also adapt them to a more classic and elegant style.


If you want to wear a tailored suit with a tie, either because you must attend a meeting where the etiquette is formal, or for another reason, both the tie and suit must be plain. Also, for a look like this, you can’t choose a thick striped shirt.


Are you ready to use striped shirts correctly?


Tillman - striped shirtsStriped shirts for men aren’t exclusive to casual or semiformal outfits.


Today, I showed you how you can discover a formal style if you use it correctly.


If you want to combine a striped shirt with your tailored suit, go for it!


In fact, if you don’t know how to create the perfect combination, don’t worry! The moment you come into my workshop, we’ll take care of making the perfect suit with all the accessories you want without making a mistake.

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