Tillman Style - How to wear and combine pastel-colored suits?

How to wear and combine pastel-colored suits?

How to wear and combine pastel-colored suits? How to wear and combine pastel-colored suits? Well, It’s a very important question that many have wondered since pastel colors have made their comeback in almost every piece of clothing, especially in men’s suits. Nowadays, our clients have become more and more aware of this trend that has been going around for quite a while now. So, here we are! And we are going to guide you into the world of pastel colors. So, let’s go!


First, yes: colors can be very scary. Let’s be honest, there are many prejudices and misconceptions of pastel-colored suits, mostly for their previous history of being used in the 50s as uniforms for various professions like a barbershop singer. But believe us when we say that a good and distinguished suit can look amazing when used properly for the perfect occasion.


Colors are in this year, and we have been seeing more and more variety of these suits going around and looking stylish when combined to the perfect event. So, don’t worry, we’ll make sure you add the perfectly colored suit to your closet without being a mess!


What’s the right occasion to wear a pastel-colored suit?


We can tell you 4 words about this: get the season right. Yes, believe it or not, with seasons, color plays a big role and calls for all different attires. 


Having knowledge of the event that you’re attending and the season that the event will take place in will give us the information to determine the perfect suit for it and the opportunity to add some color to it.


Some occasions that are just perfect to wear a pastel-colored suit are:


  • Daytime Weddings.
  • Summer parties.
  • Cocktail parties.
  • Family gatherings.
  • Brunch or lunch meetings.


Most of the moments to wear a pastel-colored suit call for a more relaxed but elegant environment and feel of the event, characterized by most of them occurring in an outdoor ambiance. A perfect place for the colors of the suit to shine through and stand out.


Tips to choose the perfect colored suit


We have already dived deep into how important an occasion and season are when choosing whether or not to wear pastel colors, but just as important as this matter is, we cannot forget about the wearer and how the color of the suit should match the skin tone and undertone of the gentleman wearing it.


So let’s go over some of the perfect pastel colors for a suit:


Tillman Style - How to wear and combine pastel-colored suits?Pastel Pink


Do not fear this color, and just forget about the dated concept of categorizing colors, because pastel pink goes the best with almost every skin color and undertone.


Pastel pink suits have made their way through and have become a staple for a perfect, more relaxed, and chill look, ensuring elegance with a nice fit and the perfect footwear as well.


Tillman Style - How to wear and combine pastel-colored suits?Pastel Blue 


Blue is the so-called perfect color for almost any suit, but with a blue pastel, we need to be a little more precise, primarily because there are many variations within this shade.


The perfect shade will depend on the gentlemen’s skin tone but blue is a forgiving color that goes well with most of them. Nonetheless, it complements those who have a fairer complexion. This will complement the cool undertones and create harmony.


However, pastel blue is very forgiving, so choosing the right shade will make a big difference even if your skin tone is not the fairest.


Tillman Style - How to wear and combine pastel-colored suits?Pastel Green


We know pastel green is not the color that comes to mind when thinking about a fresh and casual suit but, we cannot discard this color. If blue doesn’t suit you, then the next big thing is this.


A nice pastel green suit just goes perfect with those medium skin tones, it complements the undertones and makes the person wearing it stand out regardless of how big the crowd may be.


It’s important to pair this suit with a nice belt and footwear in a color that compliments the outfit, like brown or dark grey.


Tillman Style - How to wear and combine pastel-colored suits?Lilac and mint 


These aren’t exactly pastel colors, but color themselves. And we can’t ignore these because they have taken the spotlight when choosing a fresher approach to men’s style.


Lilac is ideal for fairer complexions and cool undertones, and we can pair it with lighter colors like white and even pastel blue.


Meanwhile, mint is a cousin to pastel blue with a hint of green undertone, which makes it wearable to almost every skin tone and perfect for every outdoor occasion.


Do pastel colors go well with formal events?


Although pastel colors have been in trend lately, we have to remember clearly what we said earlier: get the season right. 


Understanding the season and the event that you might attend to it’s the most important part of choosing whether it’s appropriate to wear a pastel color or not.


Remember that suits are as formal as the occasion requires them to be.


So, pastel-colored suits can be formal enough to go to a wedding reception and look dashing, and just as informal to have some drinks with friends and a terrace.


What you should avoid


Avoid pairing pastel colors with vibrant or fluorescent colors. Remember that wearing a pastel-colored suit is already a big move, so try combining the suit with more neutral colors to create harmony with the outfit itself, such as white, grey, and brown.


It’s also not recommended to wear pastel yellow suits. It washes out the skin tone of the person wearing it and doesn’t look as neat and clean as most other pastel colors.


If you want to take the risk to wear more color this season, this might be a signal to take action and we are, of course, ready to help you out and guide you to find the best color, fit, and style. So make sure to contact us and get ready to look dashing with us.

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