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How to wear a tuxedo correctly?

How to wear a tuxedo correctly? Once again we come to you with our best recommendations, this time for you to make correct use of the tuxedo. Nowadays, our clients are very demanding when it comes to requesting a tailored suit like this, so our experience has brought us to make this post.


But before we talk about the correct use of the tuxedo, our duty is to tell you a bit more about this suit. In case you don’t know, the tuxedo is one of the tailored-made suits that can best highlight the gentleman look. This is because they comprise a blazer with long lapels and trousers preferably satin in the exterior seams. Because of this, this kind of suit ends up being very elegant, but, what is its correct usage?


Use your tuxedo correctly


Tillman Style - TuxedoWe’ve also had to go to events where we had to use tuxedos. As a first recommendation, before choosing your tailored suit when you receive an invitation for a special celebration, you need to pay attention to the dress code. Likewise, when the dress code is “black tie” it means you should have the tuxedo ready for the occasion. Usually, the tuxedo is worn in black, but nowadays our clients have varied tastes. Why not please them?


When we say “to please them”, we mean using fabrics in different textures and creating a suit from a whole different color from black, like blue or a neutral color. However, we always recommend that, regardless of the color of the suit, one should always wear a white dress shirt, which is synonymous with elegance.


For what kind of events can you wear a tuxedo? 

Tillman Style -How to wear a tuxedo correctly? -As we just mentioned, it is important to look out for the dress code before choosing a tailored suit. At present, the tuxedo is a suit full of modernity you can wear to the different events we will mention:

  • Award ceremonies.
  • Diplomatic dinners.
  • Opera premieres.
  • Quinceañeras.
  • Gala nights on cruises. 
  • Weddings
  • Fancy dinners.


As you can see, the tuxedo is an exclusive suit for evening events and if they have been included in the dress code, then it is essential that you adhere to it.


How to wear a tuxedo correctly?


Now we will explain what is the correct usage of the tuxedo so you go to your black-tie event with a flawless look. You need to forget about the classic black tuxedo because there is a wide variety of them that will adjust to the occasion. For your look to be as elegant as possible, we will teach you how to wear each item that makes a tuxedo correctly:


Let’s start with the coat

Tillman Style -How to wear a tuxedo correctly? - suitThe fashion trends for 2021 have taken us to make single-button coats more often. Although the tastes of our clients are different, we’ve also had to design double-breasted coats with 4 or 6 buttons. This second option could be our favorite because it calls back to the classic tuxedo that will always make you look good for a black-tie event.


As time goes by, the tuxedo’s coats have had some changes in the lapels, and the idea is that you know how to use each one of them. For example, we should never use the notched lapel with a double-breasted coat, and in case there will be a fabric of silk or satin, we should only use it at the front. On the other hand, there is the peak lapel, which is much more formal than the notched lapel but should also have satin or silk at the front. There are also lapels available in only these textures but rounded and with curved endings. Here, although it is not the most used lapel, it can add a lot of elegance to your look.


Lastly, we can’t leave unmentioned the shawl lapel in satin or silk that goes around the neck completely as they are very elegant and will not leave the classic style aside. Therefore, these would be the best ideas to choose the right coat for your tuxedo.


Tillman Style - TuxedoAs for the shirt

Your look should be impeccable each time you wear a tuxedo, so we recommend you choose an Egyptian cotton shirt, as they don’t wrinkle so easily.


Either way, it is best for you to choose a shirt with a wing-up collar, or “opera collar” as it is also known.


Likewise, for you to be able to use cufflinks, go for a double french cuff and you will never miss any formality.


As for the front of the shirt, we recommend it to be smooth or pleated to add more elegance to your look.


Now we will explain the correct usage of the trousers


Tillman Style -How to wear a tuxedo correctly? - suitThe trousers turn out to be the most simple piece of the tuxedo, but you still need to know how to wear them. Firstly, a tuxedo’s trousers should never have a belt, but special suspenders for this type of suit that can be black or white. Either way, forget about pants with belt-hoops and go for a model with a dutch closing and with buttons on the side so they adjust perfectly to your body. Another point you shouldn’t forget is the fabric of the trousers, as this should be the same used for the coat. Many times our clients wish to do the opposite, but in the end, they always take our sound advice. The only exception for this recommendation would be for you to use a white coat and black trousers in a different texture.


Following the trends, we can tell you that trousers for tuxedos don’t use pleats. Therefore, choose a straight model with straps on the side in the same color as the lapel if this option is to your liking.


There are other accessories you need to use correctly in your tuxedo

Tillman Style -How to wear a tuxedo correctly? - suitThe coat, trousers and the shirt are the main garments in a tuxedo. But there are other accessories that need to be used correctly. Let’s start with the cummerbund, as this accessory should be in the same color as the box tie so there is harmony to your look.


If using a vest caught your attention, you shouldn’t use a cummerbund or vice versa. In fact, if your tuxedo is double-breasted you won’t unbutton it and it will be necessary to wear neither the cummerbund nor the vest. Now let’s talk about the bow tie, as any of these accessories will be essential to complement your tuxedo. Usually, the tie or bow tie should be silk or satin and if you want to look very elegant, it is best if you go for a bow tie.


The bow tie is most used in this kind of suit, especially if it is double-breasted, and if you want to take a chance, you can wear any model with brocade or velvet fabric. The handkerchief is another accessory every man should have in their topcoat pocket, and according to the dress coat of the event you are going to, it should be white and silk. Likewise, you can add a personal touch to your look by adding a fresh and colorful flower to your lapel.


Don’t think we have forgotten about shoes, an accessory that should look shiny to highlight your elegance even more. When you pick shoes for your tuxedo, go for a model, in patent leather of course, with smooth laces. Avoid any shoes that have any kind of puncture or cut because they subtract elegance from your outfit.


With these tips, your tuxedo will look perfect


Tillman Style - TuxedoWe hope these tips are of great help, so the next time you need to wear a tuxedo your look is perfect. Either way, you don’t need to wait for an invitation to arrive where the dress code is a black-tie to go get a tuxedo.


Although if you still don’t have one, in our atelier we can make a tailored tuxedo for you in black. Or if you prefer a more modern look, we have a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and finishes ideal for a formal event.


Contact us and we will give you recommendations to make your tailored suit, that way you don’t have to come over for a rented suit that doesn’t fit your body correctly.

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