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How to wear a slim fit shirt correctly

How to wear a slim fit shirt correctly. For today’s well-dressed man, there is no better option than slim-fit shirts. In fact, this is a very particular cut as it gives a youthful touch to whoever wears it. All of this without leaving behind the elegance that combining a shirt like this with a tailored suit brings.


Today, I want to explain what a slim-fit shirt is and what makes it stand out from other popular types of shirt cuts. Once you know how this shirt cut benefits your body, you won’t stop wearing it.


How to make me fit a shirt?


Tillman Style - slim fit shirtYou may have come across different shirts in different styles when shopping. You may even have noticed how many of them have a label calling them “slim” shirts. After all, this is one of the most popular shirt cuts since it offers many advantages. Its use goes back to ancient times, a time when men didn’t have this variety and everyone had to wear a basic dress shirt for any occasion.


In the past, no one thought of creating shirts for all men’s body types. However, this isn’t the case now. Today, many shirt styles allow us to create different looks and adjust to each occasion.


The slim fit cut it’s one of the most popular alongside the regular cut. Nonetheless, even if they have some similarities, once you wear them, you will see their differences.


What does Slim Fit mean on a shirt?


Tillman Style - Learn how to combine White suits for menThe slim-fit shirt stands out from others because its cut fits more closely to the body. In other words, its design consists of a taper in the middle section, while the arm area is more closed, which doesn’t leave much room for movement. As you can imagine, these types of shirts aren’t stretchy. This is why they’re usually a good choice for men with a slimmer or more athletic build. After all, it allows them to achieve a slimmer figure.


For example, men who go to the gym frequently manage to define their muscles. For them, there’s nothing better than a slim-fit shirt to show off their hard work.


However, even though this shirt is tight, it doesn’t mean that a tailor like me or my work team can’t make certain adjustments if necessary. In fact, I’ve done small adjustments to this type of shirt to achieve the goal of having a tailored garment many times before.


How to wear a slim-fit shirt?


Tillman style - fabrics for men’s shirts - suitNow, here comes the part you’ve been waiting for, how to wear a slim-fit shirt. To start, one of the best advantages of this cut is that, being tight, it’s easier to tuck it inside your pants. This means that you won’t have to worry about it coming out when you least expect it. Similarly, since it has less fabric than other types of shirts, it will never look bulky or change the shape of your body.


Of course, you can still wear it untucked if you want to. However, when it comes to a tailored suit, it should go inside so as not to spoil your sophisticated outfit.


This type of modern men’s shirt looks great with ties and can be accompanied by a jacket with one or two open buttons at most. This, if you want to give a more relaxed style to your outfit with a suit. But if what you’re looking for is a more classic style, you can opt for this shirt in white. Regardless, don’t forget that you can also wear it in another range of colors and prints.


Another important fact is that after my years of experience I have noticed that this shirt looks much better if we use an undershirt underneath. This way you will avoid transparency in case the fabric is too thin. Similarly, it’s also great to avoid annoying sweat stains.


So, although a classic cut shirt cannot be missing from your wardrobe, slim-fit shirts have their benefits. Best of all, they create a sophisticated look without much effort.


How to look good with a slim-fit shirt?


Tillman Style - Learn how to combine White suits for menIf you’re still unsure about wearing wear a slim-fit shirt, you’re still in time to use one of the most modern garments. After all, this type of cut easily adapts to the male figure. However, to help you clear your doubts I will show you some of its characteristics. This way, you will know how to distinguish it from other cuts:


  • The chest is usually more closed off than usual cuts.
  • Its cut is narrower on its sleeve areas.
  • As for the waist, it manages to adapt to the male waist.
  • It’s a little shorter than other kinds of shirts.


According to these characteristics, this type of elegant men’s shirt is ideal for men who have a broad back and little abdomen. Similarly, you won’t only find this type of cut in dress shirts. In fact, you can often find it in jackets, pants, and suits.


Take advantage of men’s slim-fit shirts


Tillman Style - suitsYou can easily wear a slim-fit shirt with a tailored slim-fit suit.


This is because both garments can be adjusted to the body, which means that there won’t be an excess of fabric, something that no one wants when wearing a suit.


In my workshop, I have the equipment you need to design your own tailored suit, or you can choose any of the suits from my collections to complete it with a slim-fit shirt.


Contact me and I will help you as quickly as possible to create the tailored suit you’ve always wanted.


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