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How to go to a job interview with the ideal suit? 

How to go to a job interview with the ideal suit? We have the privilege of counting on a team of master tailors that adapt to the requirements of each one of our clients, while they also give the best counseling. Truly it is a trait that fills us with joy, as the tailored suits we make adapt to any occasion, even to go to a job interview.


Yes, for a job interview it is important for you to go in an impeccable outfit. In fact, this could be crucial for the interviewer to determine if you will get hired for the job you’ve so dreamed of. And although sometimes you don’t pay attention to certain details, the first impression is crucial when you want to get chosen for a job.


When it comes to going to a work interview, you should impress the person you have in front of you, so they give you the work opportunity. That is why choosing the right attire is fundamental. But don’t worry, because we will take care of giving you the best tips to pick the ideal suit for your work interview.


When it comes to picking the ideal suit for a job interview, there are certain aspects to keep in mind


Tillman Style - How to go to a job interview with the ideal suit? - suitWhen you have a job interview, you shouldn’t go with the first suit you find in your closet or you would make a grave mistake. Because of this, we will give you some tips you need to pay attention to in order to make an excellent decision:



As you can see, these are very simple details but, at the same time, determinants of getting the job you want. Before going to a job interview you need to do an investigation about what the company is like, including their values to know precisely how you should dress. In this way, you will be able to define if you can go in a formal suit or an informal look.


Either way, regardless of what the company’s dress code is, you need to know how to dress according to your job interview and feel 100% confident.


What is the ideal suit for a job interview?


We have reached the most relevant part of this blog post because we will let you know what is the ideal suit to go to a job interview. That is why we will first start with the necessary things to create a formal look.


Formal look

Tillman Style - How to go to a job interview with the ideal suit? - suitFirst, you need to choose a suit in your size as this is the only way for the length to look perfect. Likewise, match your suit with the indispensable white shirt, and if it has a double cuff and discreet cufflinks, the better. Additionally, use a modest tie, and please don’t forget to tie the knot correctly. Either way, in our post Rules for the proper usage of ties we explain to you how to do it.


Shoes are another detail that should not go unnoticed. Your shoes should have clean laces, and if they are a little opaque, shining them is not a bad idea. As for the color, this will depend on the color of your suit, although you should preferably opt for shoes in a dark brown color. Accessories are also a good idea, so you can accompany your suit with a small watch with a leather strap. However, if you don’t have a proper watch for your interview, don’t use any.


Informal look

Tillman Style - How to go to a job interview with the ideal suit? - suitIf the company’s dress code for the job you are going to apply for is informal, there are some details you should also keep in mind. Same as with a formal look, for an informal outfit you need to make sure it is in the right size. Likewise, you can use a casual jacket and accompany it with a white handkerchief so there is harmony in your attire.


Your look should be completely clean, especially your shirt, without forgetting that it should be ironed and free of wrinkles. If it is heat season, this should not be an impediment for you to go to your interview with your arms covered. By referencing an informal look, you should not wear bright colors, sneakers, and definitely not graphic t-shirts.


Even if you are not wearing a suit for your informal look, you need to be mindful of the simplicity and the cleanliness of your outfit.


What should you avoid in your suit to go to a job interview?


Tillman Style - suitJust like we’ve told you what you should do to wear the ideal suit for a job interview, we cannot leave unmentioned the things that you shouldn’t wear. For this occasion, leave in your closet the black and very light-toned suits. Likewise, avoid suits with stripes or checkered textures.


The simpler the ties, the better, so it is best to avoid those in bright colors or extravagant patterns.


By wearing your tailored suit, the pockets in your coat and pants shouldn’t be filled with objects as they will lose their elegant cut. Likewise, don’t even think of having your ankles bare. Preferably use long socks. Remember your image should be the cleanest possible.


Choose the ideal suit for your job interview and you will surely get selected


Tillman style - suitsA job interview is very important, and aside from your preparedness as a professional, your image will influence the decision.


That is why it is best to use a tailored suit respecting the company’s dress code.


In our atelier, our work team can help you design the perfect suit for you.


Because there is nothing worse than wearing a suit with badly fitted sleeves. If you need professional counseling, just contact us and we will make sure to design a tailored suit that will make you successful in your job interview

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