Tillman Style - Learn how to combine White suits for men

Learn how to combine White suits for men

Learn how to combine White suits for men. Today I want to talk about a very relevant topic for the sophisticated man, and I mean how to combine a white suit. Without a doubt, this is the color par excellence to look elegant when dressing without much effort. That’s why both men and women can take advantage of this color. However, since I’m dedicated to the world of tailoring, I will speak exclusively about white-tailored suits.


What does a white suit mean?


White is a cold color in nature and one of the main reasons why it seems so s difficult to combine. However, it’s the opposite. This tonality is very versatile, so you can complement it with other clothing items and accessories of different colors.


Besides, this color represents elegance. As a result, you can use it to put together a casual and formal outfit with a tailored suit. In fact, white suits are as popular as black for a night meeting.


So, if you’re bored by wearing black suits for formal meetings, now it’s time for a change. A white suit will allow you to easily stand out from the rest.


How to combine a white suit?


Now, the idea of ​​this post is to explain the correct way to wear a man’s white suit. I know that many men are afraid of this color. However, it can create the perfect outfit, although certain factors apply.


For example, when a client wants me to tailor a white suit for him, the first thing I do is ask what type of meeting he wants to wear it for. Why? Because it’s matters. Most often than not, men wear white suits for a beach wedding or a white party. Besides, outdoor events are the perfect opportunity to wear a white suit.


In the same way, if you want to wear a custom white suit, make the following combinations:


White shirt

I’ll start by giving my best recommendations when it comes to white shirts.


After all, they have the power to go well with any tailored suit, regardless of its color.


The point is that many men feel bored when using this classic color.


However, it’s the best option to look elegant at any time of the day. In fact, it’s even a good option to match monochromatic colors.


Therefore, if you’re going to wear a white suit, make sure to wear a white or pearl shirt.


Tillman Style - Learn how to combine White suits for menBlue shirt 

It may not seem like it, but light colors do work when combined with a white suit.


In this case, you can wear a blue shirt to stand out.


Or course, you should choose a medium blue shade between light and dark.


Now, when it comes to accessories, you can wear a plain tie.


You can also wear one with patterns as long as it’s dark. 


Tillman Style - Learn how to combine White suits for menBlack shirt

Like white, black is used when you want to achieve a more sophisticated look.


Now, a black shirt with a white suit helps you put together a striking outfit. If you choose to wear it, you should also wear black oxford shoes for a clean look. 


Also, if you plan to wear a white suit for a beach wedding, you can choose a black shirt made of light and breathable fabric so you don’t die from the heat.


On the other hand, if it’s a city event, take out that turtleneck shirt you have in the closet to put it on.


Tillman Style - Learn how to combine White suits for menStriped shirt 

Striped shirts are usually striking. If you want to wear them with a white suit, it’s best to choose discreet colors.


That’s why a shirt of this type in black or gray will always be a good choice to not create an overdone look.


Similarly, to wear a white suit for a casual man, make sure that the stripes on your shirt are vertical.


This way, you won’t increase the volume of your body. This can help you a lot, especially if you’re a man with a robust build.


Accessories in black

At this point, I just want to focus on the details that a white suit jacket can carry.


For a gala event, you can wear a white jacket with black details, accompanied by a white shirt and black pants.


But as I just told you, this type of combination is exclusive for a meeting where the dress code is very strict.




What color of shoes is for a man’s white suit?


Men’s white suit shoes have become one of the most important accessories. However, before making a final choice, you must determine if you want a casual or formal look.


So, if you plan to wear a white suit for a casual occasion, you’re allowed to wear white tennis shoes. Now, in the event you’re going to attend requires formality, you should opt for derby shoes or loafers.


Similarly, there is a basic rule to wear a white suit and it’s not to wear black shoes. However, it’s allowed when you wear a white jacket and black pants. The good news is that formal shoes come in a variety of colors, so when wearing a white suit, you can wear a khaki or brown version.


Do you need a white suit?


Tillman Style - Learn how to combine White suits for menAs I know that there are men who are very detailed when it comes to putting together their outfits, I could not ignore giving my best advice for wearing white tailored suits with elegance.


In my workshop, I have a group of professionals in the world of tailoring, and we take care of making a perfectly tailored suit for you.


Just contact us and we will gladly schedule your appointment to assist you as quickly as possible.

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