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How to combine a pink shirt with a men’s suit

How to combine a pink shirt with a men’s suit. Times have changed, and believe it or not, pink is in trend in men’s fashion. That’s why you can now use a man’s pink shirt with a tailored suit. All you have to do is know which colors go with it.


Despite this, many men continue to bet on the classic. That’s why their closets are full of dress shirts with colors such as black and white. Regardless, today, you can try new options and include pastel colors like pink in your elegant suit look.


In fact, a great advantage of pink shirts is that you can combine them with a wide variety of suit colors. This, in turn, makes it a great alternative to adapt it to different occasions. By this, I mean that you can wear a pink shirt even with jeans. Today, however, I will focus on its use with tailored suits.


What goes with a man’s pink shirt?


You may already have a pink shirt. Maybe someone gifted it to you, or you bought it to try something new but then gave up. Whatever the case, I will teach you how to combine your pink shirt with your suits no matter their color.


These are the colors of suits that will look perfect when complemented with a pink shirt:



Tillman - pink shirtA white suit is classic par excellence, and best of all, it works very well for different kinds of events. However, to achieve a great combination, you can choose a basic shirt in a pink tone made of rigid fabric. After all, they go perfectly with suits.


If you’re going to use a white suit, it must be a pure white suit. In this sense, you should try to avoid the darker variations of this color such as bone. Now, if we pay attention to styling, your shirt must go inside your pants when wearing a suit.


As for footwear, you must be very careful when choosing your pick. Said choice will depend to a greater extent, on how much formality you are looking for.



Black goes well with everything, especially for a look with a suit. However, since it’s a classic color, you can incorporate it into different kinds of outfits. Therefore, you can wear a black suit with a pink shirt without fear of making some kind of mistake in your look.



If you have a gray suit at home, you should know that you can get a lot out of it. After all, you can combine it for both a casual and formal look.


Everything will depend on the gray tone you select.


If you’re going to use a gray suit, I recommend using a pink shirt, not in a pastel tone but a stronger pink.


Now, to create a unique contrast between a gray suit and a pink shirt, go for a medium shade between gunmetal and lighter gray.



Matching a blue suit with a pink dress shirt can be a decision that will add a lot of elegance to your look to go to a party or wedding. Besides, if you’re one of those men who like to stand out when dressing, you can use a different range of blues. For example, a range goes from the palest blues to midnight tones, including cobalt.


Navy blue 

I have always considered that every man should have a tailored suit at home in this color.


This is because it’s the perfect ally when you don’t know what to wear. In fact, this variety of blue is a classic and makes a great contrast to the color pink. Even the darker the blue tone of your suit won’t compete with the luminosity that a pink shirt brings.


And it’s that a pink shirt with a dark blue jacket will always look spectacular.


Follow my advice and make this combination, you will thank me.


Outfit pink shirt man formal

The color pink has a very particular feature and is that you can use it for a formal or informal look, everything will depend on the combination you create. Therefore, you can wear a man’s pink shirt suit to work, or a wedding depending on the dress code.


The good news is that pink can be found in different shades, and your choice will be based on your tastes and preferences. Similarly, you have to take into account that the lighter your tailored suit is, the lighter the tone of your pink shirt.


Now, for the combination of a pink shirt with a tie or with a handkerchief, you must pay attention to the correct combinations. It’s possible to incorporate a pink tie as long as it’s in a different shade from the one in your shirt. But if this combination is too daring for you, pink shirts look good with a dark blue tie as they add a touch of striking color.


Following this, if you want to combine a pink shirt with a tailored suit, I consider that wearing brown shoes will be the best option. Here, you can choose light brown shoes to not lose the contrast that we want to create with the outfit. So, if you have black shoes, I advise you to save them for another occasion.


What is your favorite shade of pink?


Tillman - pink shirtAs you can see, pink is characterized by its versatility, which is why it can work with many colors.


That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to combine a white, black, gray, or navy-blue suit with this tone.


In my workshop, I have the best tailors ready to create the suit you need alongside the perfect shirt.


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