Tillman Style - tricks to be an elegant man

The best tricks to be an elegant man

The best tricks to be an elegant man. You can be very attractive, but if you lack elegance, you won’t get the benefits of a tailored suit. You may not believe it, but this is very important if you want others to think you have good taste. So, how can you be an elegant and classy man? Today, you will learn how you can highlight this characteristic in yourself.


When a client comes to my workshop, apart from creating a tailored suit, I advise them to ensure a sophisticated look for them. Just because you’re wearing a suit doesn’t mean that you’re going to look elegant. To achieve this goal, you must follow to the letter the advice that I will give you next.


How to make a man look well-dressed?


Elegance is a characteristic that both men and women want to achieve. In fact, any one of the male sex can be stylish as long as they wear a tailored suit in the right way. But, you will also have to look at other elements to fulfill this feature without much effort:


Tillman Style - tricks to be an elegant manPosture is the main goal 

This must be my first piece of advice, since in addition to knowing how to be elegant when speaking, having a good posture will be the basis for you to really look good. That’s why a hunched man will never look good no matter what he puts on. So, the next time you wear a tailored suit, keep your shoulders back and your head up.


Wear the right suit size 

This is a very common problem, in fact, I have seen many men on the street wearing mismatched suits. As a result, the streets often lack the elegance of classy men. That’s why, for no reason, should you wear a suit one size larger than yours. In other words, borrowing a suit from your uncle may not be the best idea.


What is the best you can do? Have a tailored suit made so that your body can reap all its benefits.


Tillman Style - tricks to be an elegant manKeep the distinction in mind 

Looking distinguished isn’t just for men with a lot of money, nor should you make a large investment. However, elegance also requires the use of a good quality suit and accessories. This is because the more expensive the suit you choose, the more resistant it will be. This way, even if you wear it repeatedly, it won’t look faded or in poor condition.


Remember that less is more 

Perhaps this phrase sounds very repetitive, but it’s true. Just because you wear an extravagant suit or fill yourself with accessories, it doesn’t mean that you will look elegant. On the contrary, when you overload your look, you run the risk of losing style and of course elegance.


I recommend choosing to dress simple and with neutral colors to ensure an elegant casual man look. Also, when choosing the accessories that will complement your look, focus on being discreet.


Tillman Style - tricks to be an elegant manMaintain a clean and neat appearance 

Apart from my advice on how to dress an elegant and simple man, this is also very relevant, since it’s useless to wear an expensive suit if your appearance is sloppy.


Whether you look elegant or just the opposite will also depend on your attitude and how neat you look.


That’s why before putting on a tailored suit, you should do your hygiene routine.


Also, use a finished suit to wash and apply a little perfume so to ensure the presence of elegance.


How to be a man with class and style?


This point is made up of certain keys you must pay attention to never lose your elegance and style. The tips that I just gave you’re very useful to learn how to dress as an elegant young man. However, now I want to focus on giving you tips so that you can dress well and truly look classy:


Dress according to your age, tricks to be an elegant man 

To look elegant, you must choose a suit appropriate for your age. However, some clothes are perfect for all ages. For example, shirts with jeans fit the young man and adult and are also perfect to combine with a tailored suit.


Look for basic footwear, tricks to be an elegant man 

Nowadays, there are still men who don’t give importance to the footwear that they will use with a tailored suit. In this case, you should follow the dress code when choosing your shoes. All this while also keeping comfort as your main priority. On the other hand, try to buy good-quality shoes so that you can use them for several years.


Tillman Style - tricks to be an elegant manTake care of your suits like your own life, tricks to be an elegant man 

It will sound very exaggerated, but with a sloppy or shabby suit, you can’t look elegant. Therefore, the suits that you have in your closet shouldn’t be worn. The best way to care for them is to take them to the dry cleaner for a special wash.


Make space for some fashion trends, tricks to be an elegant man

It’s normal to follow the newest fashion trends, such as the colors of each season. However, you don’t need to follow them and only them when it comes to dressing. There are events categorized by a dress code to highlight elegance, so you should always choose a classic suit.


Every man can be stylish with these tricks


Don’t ignore the tips I just gave you if you really want to look stylish when wearing a suit. This is a trait that you should always take care of, regardless of whether you use a tailored suit or not. Dressing like a smart casual man is also possible if you take care of every detail.


Now, if you’re a man who uses many suits, there will be nothing better than having a custom design in your closet. So, if you pay attention to this post, you will look very elegant. Besides, you’ll be able to stand out from everyone else.


If you come to my workshop, you will find a team of professionals in charge of making tailored suits so that you can really look elegant. Contact us and you won’t regret it, we will make sure that elegance is part of you.

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