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The best shoes to wear with a nice tuxedo

The best shoes to wear with a nice tuxedo. Hello again. This time I want to offer you my best recommendations to wear a tuxedo with the right shoes, whether to attend a wedding or other special occasion. After all, when it comes to formal dressing, you shouldn’t only pay attention to your suit. Accessories also matter to make you look great. 


When my clients leave my workshop, they do it with a big smile. This is because apart from making their custom-made suits, I make sure they look great from head to toe. Selling isn’t the only thing a professional tailor should know. Commitment and respect for our clients are also important for their satisfaction.


Now, I want to focus especially on the type of shoes that can be combined with a formal suit so that your look remains in harmony.


What types of shoes should you wear with a tuxedo?


Tillman Style - best shoes to wearThis question is very common when a client comes to me to tailor a custom suit. Especially today, when men also want to look interesting like women when they wear an evening dress. For this, elegance must go hand in hand with a good suit and accessories that match and are of the highest quality.


Just as a good shirt should be combined with a tuxedo to achieve a good balance, you should also choose the ideal shoes. Besides, I do this post because men’s fashion has been reinvented and now there is a great variety of footwear considered casual or formal.


However, personally, I consider that the classic will always be a good option and that’s why it’s still a trend. When wearing a tuxedo, it’s important to wear the correct accessories, I mean a tie or bow tie, vest, girdle, cuff links, and finally the shoes.


And it’s that I will never tire of saying it, no matter what look you decide to create for a certain occasion, your image will always be the key so that you can really look good.


Here are the shoes you should wear with a tuxedo


Shoes are vital to complement any type of look, especially when putting on a tuxedo. But what will be the most suitable shoes for a tuxedo?


Today I can say that fashion is a little more flexible than before and that’s why there is a wide variety of shoes that can be combined with a nice tuxedo. Now, I will name the types of shoes that you can wear with a tuxedo:


Oxford shoes 

Versatility is part of this type of shoe, and that’s why I want to start by talking about this model. With Oxford shoes, you can go to different occasions, even if the dress code requires the use of a tuxedo. So, if you’re going to a wedding or a gala event, you can wear a tuxedo with these shoes.


I tell all my clients that elegance is vital when wearing a tuxedo. And with you, I won’t make an exception. For this reason, if you’re going to use these shoes, I recommend specifically choosing the black color. Of course, there are Oxford shoes in other colors such as gray or brown, but their downside is that they won’t give you the formality you need.


One of the best advantages of these shoes is that you can use them many times. This won’t happen with patent leather shoes, which I will talk about in the next point. Therefore, if you buy Oxford shoes, you will be making a good investment.


Similarly, when shoes are used continuously, they tend to deteriorate, so you should give them the appropriate care to maintain their distinction.


Shiny shoes 

Patent leather shoes have become a true classic, and they look perfect when paired with a tuxedo. These types of shoes are very similar to Oxford shoes. However, they differ because the patent leather shoe has a shiny finish. This in turn makes it a striking piece.


Therefore, these types of shoes are very elegant. So, if you have to attend a night gala, they will never fail you. Besides, patent leather shoes are perfect for those men concerned about investing in their image to look good.


It’s also important to tell you that these types of shoes don’t go well with any type of look. As a result, you probably only wear them a few times a year compared to shoes made from another material.


Suede and Velvet Loafers shoes 

Among the shoes, you are allowed to wear with a tuxedo and suede or velvet loafers. In fact, pump suede and velvet loafers are perfect for a gala event. So, if you want your own pair, you will find a wide variety of them in the market. 


As for the material, you should pay close attention to it and choose suede and velvet loafers, preferably black. Although depending on the occasion and your tastes, it would also be a good idea to wear dark green or blue loafers. Besides, try looking for a pair with a bow on the instep or a metallic detail.


These shoes, in addition to being stylish, are very comfortable. Because of this, you can wear them without socks when the night is hot. However, finding a suitable model to wear with a tuxedo can be a time-consuming task.


Combining your tuxedo with good shoes is not as difficult as it seems


I hope that my advice helps you make your beautiful tuxedo look elegant with your shoes. 


Besides, you can come to my workshop.


By doing so, you will have the help of a group of professional tailors.


They, in addition to making your suit to measure, will also advise you to create a perfect gala outfit.


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