Tillman Style - Best looks with men’s suits for Christmas

Best looks with men’s suits for Christmas

Best looks with men’s suits for Christmas. We understand that there are men who feel fascinated by elegance, so for them, the use of suits is a must. Likewise, suits are the ideal garment to maintain a sophisticated look even at Christmas time. This date is very important, and depending on the dress code for the Christmas dinner, you will probably have to wear a look with a suit. That is why we will give you the best recommendations for you to attend your event with an impeccable look. 


Before choosing your Christmas suit…


Tillman Style - Best looks with men’s suits for ChristmasIf the Christmas party requires formal attire, the most logical thing is that you have to resort to wearing a suit. That is why here we will leave the following suggestions you should determine when choosing the suit and accessories that will serve as a compliment.


Nowadays, it is very common to see the use of tailored suits, although in young people you can see tighter models to show off their gym bodies. However, we have always considered that a tailored suit will be enough to look good.


The most important thing to wear during the Christmas dinner is to wear a suit that, besides providing elegance, will keep you very comfortable. Also, our best recommendation is to opt for classic suits, so you can keep them in your closet and use them for the next occasion.


Christmas parties usually begin in the afternoon or evening and tailored suits may not always be necessary. However, there are men who wish to maintain their elegance during the holiday season, where suits will be mandatory. 


Ideal suits for men during Christmas


Next, we’ll leave you with a list where we recommend the best types of suits that can be perfect for a Christmas look. Your choice will also depend on the chosen style for that special night: 


Tillman Style - Best looks with men’s suits for ChristmasDouble buttoned suit

The double buttoned suit brings a lot of elegance and differs from other models by interposing on the chest a part of the jacket.


Thus, the jacket must remain buttoned with two rows of buttons. In this type of suit, only one row of buttons is functional, and the other is only a decorative element.


Similarly, on the inside of the jacket, there will be a button to anchor it, so that it will not only be closed with the outer buttons. This type of suit is very striking because the jacket fits snugly to the body without detracting from its elegance. 


Tailcoat suit 

Tillman Style - Best looks with men’s suits for ChristmasIf the Christmas party you are attending is formal, to create an impressive look, you should wear a tailcoat suit. This type of suit has some similar characteristics to the cutaway suit. 


The difference is that the cutaway coat is special to wear during the day, and the tailcoat is perfect for evening celebrations. 


This type of suit comprises a black frock coat with some silk additions and has an open tail. However, to cover all preferences, it is also available with a closed tail. 


On the outside of this suit, you can find between one to two rows of buttons as a decorative element. Once you consider wearing a tailcoat for Christmas, wear it with a silk handkerchief in the pocket. 


As for the tailcoat pants, these don’t have darts and to make a perfect combination you can choose a vest in ivory and white shirt with a pinstripe collar. 


Tuxedo suit 

Every family and group of friends celebrate Christmas differently. That is why, while some prefer a casual celebration, others focus on a black-tie party at night. Here, the tuxedo can be an excellent choice.


The tuxedo comprises pants, jacket, bowtie collared shirt, vest, and tie or bow tie. It is preferable to go for the bow tie option. 


The black tuxedo is a classic for evening events and wearing it on Christmas night if the occasion calls for it will make you look very elegant. You can combine it with a white shirt and a good watch as an accessory. 


To create the perfect Christmas suit look, consider these tips


Tillman Style - Best looks with men’s suits for ChristmasThe dress code on Christmas night in a suit? Knowing that you have to go to the Christmas party in a suit, the models we have mentioned will be very useful to create a great outfit. Now, wearing a suit during Christmas requires taking care of certain details so that you can look amazing: 


  • When wearing a Christmas suit, remember that the sleeves of the shirt should extend through the sleeves of the jacket, preferably a finger or two fingers at the most. 
  • It is important that regardless of the color of the dress shirt you choose, it should be long-sleeved. 
  • The bottoms of the pants should match your height, so we recommend that you have a tailored suit made for you.
  • The second button of your tailored suit must remain unbuttoned, although the first button may also be unbuttoned, though it is not mandatory.
  • Once you sit down to enjoy the Christmas dinner, you should unbutton the jacket. Of course, to not lose elegance, unbutton it once your seat is down.
  • For Christmas Eve, it is preferable to wear dark suits. Here, choose a dress shirt that contrasts with your suit color and that is preferably unicolor. 
  • There are many accessories you can use with your tailored suit. Some of them can be watches, scarves, or straps that match your shoes. 


Wear a tailored suit for Christmas.


Christmas night can be the right occasion to wear a tailored suit and thus create the ideal look. Also, you must consider each of our tips so that you are well dressed that night.


During our years of experience, we have noticed that many customers come to our workshop because in other tailor shops they don’t feel satisfied with their tailored suits. Our team is made up of professionals, and once we make a suit for you, you will feel delighted and we will become your trusted tailor. 


Contact us and we will give you the advice you need. 



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