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Best fabrics for men’s shirts

Best fabrics for men’s shirts. We always tell our clients that when they use a tailored made suit, they need to take care of the entire outfit so they can truly look elegant. That is why it’s not enough to pick the best fabrics for the suit, tie, or bowtie. It is also important to look for a dress shirt in the right material, or the look will get ruined. That is why today we want to talk to you about the best fabrics for men’s shirts.


When you go shopping for a shirt to match your suit, it is important for you to know what their material is. This item of clothing is very important in your closet if you like to maintain a casual or formal look. Therefore, you need to pick shirts that add distinction and comfort. We decided to talk about this subject because, in our years of experience, we have noticed many men make the mistake of being guided by the color and design alone when they buy a shirt. And we hope that from this point on you take into consideration the quality of the fabric for this versatile item of clothing.


How to know if a man’s shirt is of a good fabric? 


Tillman style - fabrics for men’s shirts - suitIt is likely that, when it comes to buying a shirt, you search for economic. It is likely that, when it comes to buying a shirt, you search for the economy. However, many times cheap items of clothing can end up being more expensive than you realize. Meaning, when you buy a lower category shirt, they wear out quickly and you will have to make another purchase. Because of this, investing in a brand shirt of good quality will be the best you can do.


So, run away from those shirts made of synthetic material and opt for resistant and long-lasting fabrics. This would be the first step to the focus on picking a stylish shirt that fits your tastes. When you go to a store intending to buy a shirt, the most important thing is that you know how to identify the fabric. For this, check on the tag of the shirt it’s material. Then, keep in mind the type of thread and how they were plaited. If you pay attention to these details, apart from saving money, your look will improve significantly.


What are the best types of fabrics for men’s shirts?


Tillman style - fabrics for men’s shirts - suitBefore buying the shirt that matches your tailored made suit, you need to keep in mind that this item of clothing can be made both in natural or synthetic materials. But this time we just want to talk to you about the natural materials as they are of greater quality. The natural fabrics that can make shirts are:


  • Wool from bovines.
  • Linen made from the flax plant.
  • Silk from proteins. 
  • Cotton was made from the cotton plant.


Although there are many types of materials for men’s shirts, cotton is usually the most used. The reason for this is that the material is much more resistant than synthetic ones, and of course, it adds elegance. In fact, Egyptian cotton is one of the most used for matched shirts to an elegantly tailored suit. It is also important to clarify that natural material fabrics are harder to iron, so the appearance of wrinkles is more noticeable than on synthetic shirts. However, this detail is not a reason to not wear shirts in these high-quality materials.


There also are mixed fabrics available

Tillman style - suitsSo you can have a clearer knowledge of all the fabrics used to make men’s shirts. We will tell you some synthetic materials:


  • Nylon.
  • Acrylic.
  • Rayon.
  • Polyester. 


Polyester is the most used material in shirts for men, and it is notable that the quality is not the same as those of natural materials. Even if the natural materials are hard to iron, you surely won’t want to try with a synthetic shirt as it is more complicated. As for mixed fabrics, these are also used to make men’s shirts. These kinds of fabrics are made of natural and synthetic threads, and there is a reason why these materials are combined.


A shirt made of synthetic and natural materials is lower in price, and at the same time, it adds features like ironing being easier for example. You are surely wondering if you are picking up this type of fabric for men’s shirts. The truth is that these fabrics known as hybrids are not a bad option as long as the item has a higher natural fiber proportion.


To pick the best men’s shirt, you also need to pay attention to the plaiting of the thread

Tillman style - suitsWhen it comes to making shirts for men, there are many types of threads available to use. For some plaitings, there are 2×1 threads, although 2×2 threads are more resistant, which means there will be more durability to the item because the resistance will be double. When we say plating we mean how the different threads get woven together to make this item of clothing. In fact, there are many types of plaiting:


  • Oxford.
  • Fil a Fil.
  • Poplin.
  • Twill.
  • PinPoint.
  • Herringbone. 


Each one of these plaited has its advantages, and one of the most elegant is the PinPoint. The Poplin fabric is also very exclusive, and it stands out in the shirts for elegant men, and therefore is more formal. The Twill fabric is also used to make formal -but not so elegant- shirts, so they are perfect for going to the office. Either way, for informal summer shirts the Fil a Fil fabric is used, while the Oxford plait is known for being used to make sporty shirts with buttons.


What is the best fabric for men’s shirts?


Tillman style - fabrics for men’s shirts - suitWe have dedicated so many years to the making of tailored suits, that we can quickly say that the best fabric for men’s shirts is cotton.


Now, as for the kind of plait, this will depend on the shirt you need for a specific occasion. You no longer have excuses to make a wrong shirt choice the next time you go shopping.


Likewise, if you need a tailored-made suit, professional tailor personnel will give you the best advice for there to be harmony between your shirt and the rest of your outfit. Just contact us to make an appointment and chat.

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