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Bespoke – MTM – RTW What’s the Difference?

Bespoke – MTM – RTW. What’s the Difference? The revival of menswear in recent years, driven by a combination of enthusiasts, innovative menswear companies, and internet communication, has meant that whether a man is looking to buy a single suit or an entire wardrobe, he has never had so many options.   Unfortunately, that choice […]

Buying a Quality Suit

Buying a Quality Suit. Men are not interested in the clothing of celebrities.   At the most, the endorsement of a film star, a magazine or a fashion brand is an endorsement, a shortcut. A man’s number one priority is not looking stupid, and popular culture is a safety blanket.   In my experience, knowledge […]

How to Rock the Brown Suit

Do you wish you had an alternative to the countless charcoal grey and navy suits you continually wear to work, social events and weddings? What if you could choose a suit color that would have you looking peerless in comparison. Something that would elevate your style game to the next level. Cue the introduction of […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Dress Shirts for Men

A Beginner’s Guide to Dress Shirts for Men. A History of Dress Shirts for Men. A majority of men in the United States have never designed a dress shirt.  A century ago, all shirts were custom made to your specifications. You would walk into a store like J.C. Penney, look at fabrics, have measurements taken, […]

A step-by-step guide on how to tie your tie

How to tie your tie. It doesn’t matter how often you wear a tailored suit. The fact is that every man should know how to tie a tie. Especially those who have a preference for looking elegant and sophisticated when dressing. And it’s that making a tie knot isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s […]

How to wear a slim fit shirt correctly

How to wear a slim fit shirt correctly. For today’s well-dressed man, there is no better option than slim-fit shirts. In fact, this is a very particular cut as it gives a youthful touch to whoever wears it. All of this without leaving behind the elegance that combining a shirt like this with a tailored […]

How to combine a pink shirt with a men’s suit

How to combine a pink shirt with a men’s suit. Times have changed, and believe it or not, pink is in trend in men’s fashion. That’s why you can now use a man’s pink shirt with a tailored suit. All you have to do is know which colors go with it.   Despite this, many […]

Suit colors to match every skin tone

Suit colors to match every skin tone. We all have bought a suit that as soon as we use it, loses its charm. This may be due to many reasons. Maybe we don’t feel comfortable with it, or it doesn’t suit our skin tone. Because of this, many men prefer to play it safe and […]

Suits for tall men

Suits for tall men. In this post, I want to provide the best advice so that tall men can choose the ideal suit. We know that being several inches tall is often not very beneficial when dressing. That’s why the most logical thing is to choose outfits that help you highlight both style and elegance.   […]

Here’s how to wear striped shirts correctly

Here’s how to wear striped shirts correctly. There is a wide variety of striped shirts you can use to create different kinds of looks. But, when it comes to a tailored suit, you must choose the right striped men’s shirt. You don’t know how? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to my […]