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Attires for men: Weddings, parties & events

Attires for men: Weddings, parties & events. So far I’ve covered different topics about custom-made clothes and what best fits your features. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When you receive an invitation nowadays, it may get quite confusing for many guys. Especially if we don’t know how to properly interpret the dress code for the occasion. In these times, an invitation may state a certain dress code like Cocktail Attire, Black Tie Optional, Semi-Formal Attire, or Formal Attire. So, you may wonder what exactly does that means?


At some point, things were much simpler. Mainly because the dress code was a two-way railroad: Black Tie -for less formal evening occasions- or White Tie -for more formal ones. Today, many men agree that a tuxedo is the most formal garment they have ever worn. That’s why Men often rent their tuxedos. If you need help putting together an outfit, trust me you’ve come to the right place. Here, I’ll explain what Cocktail Attire for men is all about. In Tillman Style, we’ll describe what options you have for weddings, parties, or events. These handy tips will help you put together a cocktail attire look that’s right for any event.


Cocktail Attire Dress Code. The Basics 

Tillman Style - Attires for men: Weddings, parties & events - suitsIf we lay out on a scale the different dress codes, a cocktail attire would be just in the middle. A regular cocktail outfit sits between business attire and black-tie style. Due to this reason, it’s somewhat formal but not stuffy. Having this in consideration, to ensemble a nice cocktail attire you could use something that you would wear at the office or an interview in terms of clothing. Sooner than later, you’ll find out this dress code is commonly used for formal parties, weddings, and professional events.


Despite the loosening of the dress code, style is getting more and more casual. That’s a trend you need to follow. Dressing accordingly to expectations is a demonstration of respect for the host, and overall for the event. As a modern man, you should probably know that cocktail attires are one of the more frequent dress codes -if not the most- simply because it lays between casual and formal. The benefits of these outfits rely on garments and accessories that the majority of men already own. A convenient trait, isn’t it? Cocktail attire is versatile. When you’re in a pinch, you can combine it with a dark suit instead of a tuxedo. This is a great move when a black tie is called for as the dress code. 


Besides, cocktail attires are even appropriate for funerals and solemn occasions. Whenever you need formality. In this case, if you don’t own a black suit you should definitely go for a solid dark navy or charcoal suit. You should also mute your accessories. If you’re running out of ideas you could try a black grenadine tie, black leather oxford dress shoes, and a solid white shirt. Even for those who wear smart casual on a daily basis, having at least one cocktail attire outfit pays off. Especially for short notice events.


Semi-Formal and Formal Attire for Men. What are they?

When an invitation states a semi-formal or formal attire, it gets vague and ambiguous. These labels are conflicting dress codes to deal with. They mean different things to different people. In the good old days, any formal attire was a synonym of tuxedos. Meanwhile, semi-formal resemble cocktail ones. Now, playing a guessing game with these terms is an exasperating experience.


Tillman Style - Attires for men: Weddings, parties & events - suitsTip points for Cocktail Attires:

  1. Use a dark to mid-gray suit
  2. A button-down dress shirt in white or another muted color is allowed
  3. A necktie or bow tie in subtle patterns or plains are a good option
  4. Try a simple pocket square
  5. Wear black dress shoes with a leather sole
  6. Use socks over the calf. It can match your trousers or another color in your clothing
  7. Make sure you are clean-shaven or a maintained bear, and of course, a nice haircut


Cocktail Attire Don’ts: 

  • Never wear a tuxedo or white tie, you’ll be at risk of being too formal 
  • Don’t wear a black suit. Unless it is a funeral.
  • Don’t use a pinstripe suit, bright-colored ties, paisley shirt, or flashy accessories to a wedding.
  • Avoid using casual clothes such as khakis, chinos, jeans, polo shirts, or a sports jacket.
  • Never wear any shoes without laces.
  • Never go sockless.
  • Don’t forget to wear a bow tie or a tie. Without one, it would be too casual.


Weddings & Cocktail Attires for gents

Tillman Style - Attires for men: Weddings, parties & events - suitsEven if the previous guidelines for cocktail attire seem downcast, they’ll be appropriate for most wedding events. A great cocktail attire dress code should be elegant and respectful without getting too dazzling. Otherwise, you’ll draw attention away from the focus point -the bride and groom-. Only if you have information suggesting an unorthodox dress code, such as a beach reception or barn location for the event, you’ll never be out of place using a traditional cocktail attire at a wedding.


Try to better adjust your outfit to the event. In some rare scenarios, you could get invited to a flamboyant wedding. Let’s say the bride or the groom happens to be an eccentric artist who wears shorts and a t-shirt as a staple. In this case, you should go with the flow, and you won’t be out of place. For an artist’s wedding, be playful. Go with colorful accessories. But for a completely informal wedding, skip the tie and just wear a combination with a dark jacket and light-colored slacks.


What should a guy wear at cocktail parties?

Tillman Style - suitsThe proper attire for gentlemen in cocktail parties isn’t as clear as for the ladies. For instance, the cocktail party and cocktail attire do not go hand in hand. You’ll probably need to make a judgment call before you decide what to wear. When the event recommends a dress code, always go with it. There’s no point in being out of place. Another consideration is that cocktail parties are meant to be stress-free occurrences, and although not wrong per se, a classic dark suit such as navy or charcoal is way too formal.


In winter, you can wear flannel, with patterns, and perhaps a necktie. Be more daring than what you’re accustomed to with your business wardrobe, and concentrate on accessories like cuff links, tie bars, pocket squares, boutonnieres, and so on.


Please, don’t overdo it. Use two accents at most. During the warmer months of the year, go with lighter colors, a linen sport coat should do the trick.


Formal day event. Use a stroller with striped trousers.

Tillman Style - suitsEvery flaw shines brighter under daylight. Be meticulous with your coat. It should fit neatly around the collar, shoulders, and cuffs. Avoid gaps nor excess shirt cuff fabric that could be seen. A stroller jacket is a safe option. This typical single-breasted, peaked lapel style with two buttons and jetted pockets may look great in charcoal gray -or black-. Say no to a pocket square. You can opt for a red flower that goes well with a buff waistcoat, white shirt, and a light blue tie.


For your footwear consider jet black oxfords. Finally, remember that a stroller is the most formal of all the cocktail suits yet different from another flannel blazer combination. Windowpane overplaid sharkskin suit. A must-have for parties Worn as a 3-piece suit, a windowpane over a plaid sharkskin suit is a very moderate option to consider. Normally, these suites have an average lapel width and gorge, round quarters, and a fairly long jacket. In my expert opinion, windowpane suits are sadly underrated outfits in menswear. They are an opportune chance to set yourself apart without being too noisy. As a personal tip, keep in mind that the more patterns and colors -other than navy and gray- you add to your outfit, the less elegant it will turn out.


Tillman Style - Attires for men: Weddings, parties & events - suitsWide Stripe Worsted Flannel Suit for Evening Events

Another three-piece suit comes along for the evening. A flannel suit with stripes benefits from the peaked lapels, which gives a little more formality.


If you want to raise the formality bar by another notch, consider some trousers without cuffs.


Nevertheless, this is really a fantastic stripe, and in combination with authentic cloth, must go great. A subtler stripe will make it even more fitting for a cocktail suit, it’s sophisticated.


Final thoughts

Tillman Style - suitsThis time around you won’t be clueless when a cocktail attire is requested for your next big event. After this blog, you’re aware of what to wear to impress. There’s no more need to confine yourself to a black tuxedo or charcoal sport coat if that’s not your vibe.


For a wedding, be formally dressed -without being too flashy- and keep the newlyweds in mind. At cocktail parties and receptions, always add a splash of color. If you’ve got a vest – even a contrasting one – wear it if it pairs well with the suit. If you want to add a touch of sparkle to your outfit, trust Tillman Style. Since it always helps to know the rules before you start bending them. Now you’re ready to nail it.

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