John Herbert Tillman

John Herbert Tillman

A History Of Custom Clothing

At the Tillman Style, we pride ourselves on 3 pillars: Posh, Savvy, and Sophisticated. John Herbert Tillman, CEO, has been been offering men’s clothing since 1990. Starting in Seattle and now based in Atlanta, Georgia, we’ve built up a strong reputation among clients and colleagues. Thanks to our expert craftsmanship and knowledge in the custom clothing industry, we’ve earned our place in this billion-dollar industry.

We personally believe that in our line of work it’s better to show rather than tell, or perhaps even better to feel, to try on, and then to wear. No one can argue the comfort, poise, and structure of a suit made to behave like an extension of you. Your presence speaks volumes about you. So, it’s time you learn how to dress to impress.

To this day, we guide clients with informed suggestions, based on academic research, tons of experience, and a personal touch.

Our passion for men’s clothing and one on one service truly defines the essence of Tillman Style and with today’s ever-changing workplace dress code, we offer a relaxed, personalized, full-service men’s clothing experience.

John Herbert Tillman

The Voice Of Experience

Path To A Perfect Fit

Quality Fabrics

Surprises are part of the job. Each client has different requirements, measures, sizes, and preferences, but that doesn’t stop us. By mixing unexpected colors, textures, and patterns, we design something special, made up to match your own flair. We dig deeper into a client’s mind and desire to learn who the client is, how they live, and what they want, where they work, habits and hobbies. Nothing is left to chance.

We have our own personal philosophy: clothes make the man. A custom-made suit is a powerful way to deliver a message, which is why we make sure to send a striking one.

The Tillman Style is quipped to help you make a personal statement through the clothing you wear. Whether you’re looking for an elegant suit for a formal occasion or just simply relaxing with your friends in style. You can entrust us to deliver your perfect-fit garment.

The Tillman Style Promise

We’re here to serve. The garments are impeccably designed and carefully selected with the widest range of high-end international fabric. We provide the finest tailoring so customers can feel relaxed and enjoy the experience. Our team focuses on using traditional tailoring methods and we work towards a vision that is defined by the shape of your figure, not a mannequin.

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